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Conversation Between Kuroda and Langus
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  1. Langus
    2011-07-31 13:03
    Thanks dude! It looks good! I rather like the old one though. It's a bit 'natsukashii' for me these days. Gonna hold onto it a bit longer
  2. Kuroda
    2011-07-30 04:15
    I told you I'd redo your signature and I've been out of touch with my creative side and I'm honestly a little rusty.... or more than such but I made this in mind for such an occasion that I might replace that older signature I made you a long time ago.

  3. Langus
    2008-11-22 01:17
    Oh my... as a Kakashi fan you MUST (I can't stress this enough) read the last two manga chapters. It'll be two years before they're animated at this rate and you really can't do yourself the disservice of not reading them before that point. Compared to Bleach right now Naruto (sad to say) is about 10 million times better. If it weren't for Nel I think I might've given up on Bleach two months ago... *sigh*
  4. Kuroda
    2008-11-22 01:13
    Haha i don't read naruto sadly, too busy with bleach xD but they killed off the only other ninja i liked, Asuma >_< can't wait to see shikimaru rape the guy who killed him
  5. Langus
    2008-11-22 01:04
    I hear ya. He's the only reason I watch/read Naruto (actually).
  6. Kuroda
    2008-11-22 01:04
    hahaha i love kakashi such a Character hes funny, but can be serious as well. on top of hes the only character i play in the naruto fighting games xD
  7. Langus
    2008-11-22 00:24
    Well they're both impressive IMO - nice work I can't wait to get mine back from El_Frenchie then I'll be sporting some pretty sweet Kakashi myself hahaha
  8. Kuroda
    2008-11-21 23:41
    *from the orihime thread*

    The avatar was simple and the signature took about an hour of collaboration and staring and editing little bits and peices but yep made from my very own hands xD and yes orihime is useless sometimes

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