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Conversation Between eru_panda and L Lawliet 2
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  1. eru_panda
    2008-11-14 22:19
    hell up the ass.
  2. L Lawliet 2
    2008-11-07 09:19
    L Lawliet 2
    Eh, life's been okay. How about for you?
  3. eru_panda
    2008-10-02 18:10
    hows that thing we all call life?
  4. eru_panda
    2008-07-29 20:56
    i've been ohkay
    i just got my near wig took some pics i already uploaded.
    and i got my book and read it in a day.
    loved it so much, and im kinda bummed that mello isnt going to write anymore notes!

    so, how have you been?
  5. L Lawliet 2
    2008-07-28 10:00
    L Lawliet 2
    Okay. ^^ So what's up? Haven't heard from you in a while.
  6. eru_panda
    2008-07-27 20:36
    lol its ok, i get like that too. it was just one of those days, right?

    take your time, im not in a rush! ;p
  7. L Lawliet 2
    2008-07-19 16:51
    L Lawliet 2
    Sorry it took so long for me to respond, I'd not been feeling well, and really wasn't in the mood for talking to anyone. ^^ But I'm good now. And I'll try to read your fanfiction if I can find the time. ^^
  8. eru_panda
    2008-07-16 15:43
    yeah. he was a great old man.

    hey, this may seem off topic, but would you mind reading my fanfic? i need as much feedback as i can get. ^^ here's the link:
    THANKS!!! I LOVE YOU well not really, but watevs. ;p
  9. L Lawliet 2
    2008-07-16 14:10
    L Lawliet 2
    We all love Watari. -sniff- RIP Quillis Wammy.
  10. eru_panda
    2008-07-16 14:08
    i know. sniff sniff.

    he rests in our hearts......serving tea to Ryuzaki who also rests in our hearts.
    lol i love Watari.

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