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Conversation Between eru_panda and L Lawliet 2
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  1. L Lawliet 2
    2008-07-04 13:29
    L Lawliet 2
    Then please join my yaoi fan club. X3 It's full of yaoi goodness!!!!! Because I too bleed yaoi! Yaoi is my life force!
  2. eru_panda
    2008-07-04 13:28
    I bleed Yaoi, OK!!! lol
    Yeah, i loveees it a lot.
    But i dont know why?
    It's just a fatal attraction.
  3. L Lawliet 2
    2008-07-04 13:22
    L Lawliet 2
    ;3 Mmmm...hmmmm......LOL! So I take it that from the picture comment that you posted on the L and Light yaoi picture, that you like yaoi?
  4. eru_panda
    2008-07-04 13:18
    lol rape him up a wall..................with a watermelon! ahhhhgg!
  5. L Lawliet 2
    2008-07-04 12:04
    L Lawliet 2
    O.O' Wow......I never thought of that.......... -makes a note to herself- :3 LOL
  6. eru_panda
    2008-07-04 10:17
    0o0o0o0o yay!
    I love him.
    If he were here right now with me, I'd rape him.xD
  7. L Lawliet 2
    2008-07-03 12:26
    L Lawliet 2
    I cosplay as L. ^_^ So it'd be no problem. ^_^
  8. eru_panda
    2008-07-03 09:21
    lol. Yes, i am obsessed, in a a non healthy way, with death note. It's my all time favorite manga/anime and i praise the artist and writer.
    I cos play as near sometimes when im bored and i write A LOTTTT of fan fiction. If you were to ever meet me, I'd make you dress up like a death note character.
    That's how obsessed i am. It's pretty sad.
    But yay, i loves trinity blood! But death note will always be my all time favorite.

    Hope you enjoy your stay here!!!
  9. L Lawliet 2
    2008-07-02 21:06
    L Lawliet 2
    Hello. I was looking through profiles. (Reason: I'm a sad newbie. ) Anyway, I saw that you like Death Note! As well as Trinity Blood! And I must say that those two animes alone are my favorite! Well, I've got to go now. I'll hopefully talk to you sometime. Bye!

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