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Conversation Between Orga777 and demon_god04
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  1. Orga777
    2009-05-15 11:32
    I mean of Z. When Vegeta and Nappa were the bad guys. Before things fell apart in the Namek Saga. Though I still do like Dragon Ball. That show is actually kinda funny. XD

    I have the same problem... I got a Neg Rep from my opinion in the Schneizel topic. I guess me saying Lelouch isn't as tactical or charismatic as his brother made someone angry. XD I can't stand people that don't like hearing another opinion. No matter how wrong I feel someone elses views are, I never Neg Rep someone for different view points. That is just being an ignorant ass.
  2. demon_god04
    2009-05-15 08:28
    When you say first season, do you mean the original Dragonball where Goku was a kid?

    Either way, I'd rather they do original movies.

    I actually laughed this morning when I checked my user CP to see if anyone posted anything new in the Kara no Kyoukai thread. someone apparently thought that my examples were so bad that they tried to give me a neg rep, except that it was just a gray rep since they have not posted enough. It kinda saddens me in a way though, getting an influx of these people that rather then offer a rebuttal with substance, they just take a childish shot at something they disagree but do not have anything to back up why.
  3. Orga777
    2009-05-14 20:51
    lol. It is true. DBZ has no substance what so ever. Although, I still think the first season is pretty damn good. Heck, I was thinking of buying the first season of DBZ. BUt it is AFTER the first season that things started to suck really bad. It was just repeating the first season over and over again.

    As long as they don't screw up Magneto it is fine with me. He was the ONLY character from the movies that wasn't screwed over in either X3 or Wolverine.
  4. demon_god04
    2009-05-14 13:57
    I always found it funny though how popular it became. Stripe it down to it's core and what you have was basically what you just said.

    yep, although I would not say no if they did an origin story of Mageto during the holocaust. that would actually be pretty cool.
  5. Orga777
    2009-05-14 10:58
    lol. How about this then. It has a lot of blasting, flashy lights and fighting and we live in America. XP

    Ca$hing in is correct in this case.
  6. demon_god04
    2009-05-13 19:59
    Except that it still sucked. I was into dragonball when I watched it in Japanese way before it made it into North America. I liked it but that was because I was like 12.

    Amongst other things, it was just an all around awful movie that is cashing in on the Wolverine popularity.
  7. Orga777
    2009-05-13 10:50
    Well, Dragon Ball Z became popular because for the most part that was the first anime we all saw along with Gundam Wing. It is what introduced us into the genre. People haven't forgotten that either. Hell, I still buy some of the games Atari makes for the series. XD

    They did screw up Deadpool something feirce didn't they? XD
  8. demon_god04
    2009-05-13 09:54
    it always surprised me that dragonball became as popular as it did.

    Yeah, I am not really a fan of the superhero stuff as it is. Frankly there is nothing I am looking forward to. I probably would not even waste my money on those movies were it not for friends who want to watch them. I hated the new wolverine movie.
  9. Orga777
    2009-05-09 16:53
    Dragon Ball wasn't even F Material. It was like...... Z Material. XD

    And there have been too many Superhero films... most of which SUUUUUUCK. Not every film is The Dark Knight, Spider-Man, or Iron-Man... Most are lucky to get average. Though I am looking forward to Captain America...... as long as they don't ruin it like they do everything else...
  10. demon_god04
    2009-05-09 11:20
    It does not make it any less annoying damnit. I mean how many comic hero movies are they planning? Seriously the movies coming out nowadays are mostly trash. The rare gems do not make up for flooding the market with sub-par adaptations. -.- god it annoys me so much.

    Well Dragonball was not exactly A material They just seem to be attempting to capitalize on anything that is even remotely popular.

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