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Conversation Between Orga777 and demon_god04
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  1. Orga777
    2009-05-08 22:51
    lolz... I agree there. But who can blame them? When you got talented animators like Myazaki, and such good anime like Death Note, Ghost in the Shell, Trigun, and Cowboy Bebop that actually know how to constuct PLOT well (unlike current Hollowood for the most part... though they have rare gems of brilliance.... There Will Be Blood as freaking awesome.)

    So Hollowood just wants to milk other sources of talent for their own lack of talent and end up destroying the source material.
  2. demon_god04
    2009-05-08 22:09
    Frankly, I hope that does not happen but it is a very real possibility. Maybe this is the American's answer to the growing popularity of Anime over their own subpar productions -.-
  3. Orga777
    2009-05-08 22:03
    Indeed. Especially Cowboy Bebop. That is the anime I bring up for people to get into anime because it is so damn good.

    It is the same thing when those hacks Emmerich and Devlin made that American Godzilla "film" (Or Godzilla in Name Only AKA GINO as known to us fans.) Now I can't get people to take any of the films seriously even though there are a few good ones.
  4. demon_god04
    2009-05-08 21:46
    Oh well, I suppose I can just pretend that the american adaptations never existed. What worries me is that those subpar movies would potentially turn away people who might like the original anime.
  5. Orga777
    2009-05-08 21:39
    Because they are greedy, uncreative twits that want to milk everything popular to make the most money out of it.
  6. demon_god04
    2009-05-08 21:36
    I am still wondering why they think it was a good idea to do anime adaptations.
  7. Orga777
    2009-05-08 21:27
    lol. I approve of your plan.
  8. demon_god04
    2009-05-08 21:23
    I say we go right to the source, find the people who first had those ideals of doing hollywood anime adaptations and beat them to death and work our way down.
  9. Orga777
    2009-05-08 21:15
    I will join you in that. We can march down to Hollowood and beat the director to death. XD
  10. demon_god04
    2009-05-08 21:09
    seriously if I hear rapping in that movie I will kill someone.

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