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Conversation Between Orga777 and Nevflinn
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  1. Orga777
    2009-05-15 19:32
    I can't say I disagree. That is actually a good assessment. But, you see, one forum I have been on for over five years now and am a prominent member at, (a kaiju forum no less!) taught me valuable lessons. Everyone there, while debating, we always use logic, feats, and what is going on in our debates and anyone that deviates from logic gets massacred...XD So I have had a lot of practice and got kicked out of the thought process that seems to assail anime forums. XD

    That experience had me enjoy debating and go the logical route in everything I like so as to handle naysayers who aren't logical enough.
  2. Nevflinn
    2009-05-15 19:19
    I think part of it is down to the type of audience anime tends to attract over here - usually, the growing impressionable teen. A lot of mistakes tend to be made down the road at that age, and it reflects significantly in their interests (or rather, reasons why they like their interests).

    They so siwwy. :V
  3. Orga777
    2009-05-15 19:04
    I know. Anime fans are a few marbles short aren't they? XD Pretty nutty. But, some of us still have some sense of sanity and logic. lol
  4. Nevflinn
    2009-05-15 19:03
    Logic? On an anime forum?
    ARE YOU MAD!? D:<

    Ah, anime fans. Maybe it's that I don't compare them to most other fans enough, but some of them really know how to lose a screw. <3
  5. Orga777
    2009-05-15 18:57
    Indeed. XD

    Got to stick together to defend the logical choices after all. XP
  6. Nevflinn
    2009-05-15 18:55
    High-five. o/

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