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Conversation Between vel and Monkey D. Luffy
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  1. vel
    2008-10-11 11:05
    I'm little busy in these days. I hope coming summer vacation
    It's been almost two weeks since Code Geass is over. I felt a sense of nostalgia. So it's hard to release Code Geass 3, it would have made into a film at least and answer the questions there.

    I read the Ubume no Natu for novel, which is like the previous one in Kyogokudo series and made into a film, so I look forward to see the Mouryou no Hako without watching novel version. I didn't know Chaos;head, but it's demo movie and the plot on wikipedia make me feel good, I pay attention it.
    Gundum 00, is so interesting but I didn't watch previous one so I try to watch Gundum 00 and preferably the other series someday. Linebarrel is said it different from original I hope it become good one. I'm looking forward to the anime you select. I add them to Bonen no Zamudo, it seems to become good mecha anime.

    One Piece continue to keep amusingness in this week. Boa was not merely beautiful, but cruel. But I forgive her... I didn't realized charmed by mero mero merrow! Luffy's face is so funny tempted by Boa, I burst into laughter at this scene. I'm looking forward to see battle Boa's sister and Luffy. Are they fruit users like Hebi Hebi no Mi(Hebi means snake) and What is painted on their back??
    Hunter Hunter amuse me as ever. Ikarugo vs Brovuda is not main battle but seems to be fun. Togasi should keep serialization until end.
  2. Monkey D. Luffy
    2008-10-02 00:58
    Monkey D. Luffy
    Yeah, I have seen it. I also heard about Lelouch being the one on the carriage as well, i've also read that maybe he's in The World of C, or that he's really dead. There's alot of opinions out there. I thought it was good, but yeah, there are still some questions that remain without answer. I would of liked to known about them and about some other characters.

    I don't know exactly which anime I will watch but there are some interesting ones like Mouryou no Hako, Chaos;head, Casshern Sin (i've seen the original but this one has a new plot and darker feeling), second season of Gundam. I'll give the Kurogane no Linebarrel anime a try also. How about you, any specific anime you looking forward to?

    Yeah, knowing that Boa is a Shichibukai was a good development. I also read that maybe she was Lola's mom but like you said, they don't really appear to be alike. Boa seems to kind of a mean person and her sisters look strange and also powerful. It will be nice to find out her power and what else she and her crew can do and also what Luffy will do. ^^
  3. vel
    2008-09-29 16:20
    Have you watched last Code Geass episode? Somehow I forecasted Lulu die though didn't forecasted what to do on 'Zero Requiem'. Some say the person who carry carriage with C.C. is Lulu. I don't believe that cause if it should be so my emotion is down by half. Indeed, I thought R2 is less active than before but as for last episode it's better. Some enigma remain, such as C.C.'s real name, Suzaku's physical ability beyond human and Geass itself. Moreover, It's a shame that it had short time to see all member after Zero Requiem. However considering them, I'm glad to have known this works. Have you decided next anime to watch?

    Boa Hancock is a member of the Shichibukai! Thought normal pirates are way out of Luffy's league, but it change the subject about Shichibukai and it raise my spirits. I thought the one of Boa Hancock'sisters is Lola's mother, mmm but they and Lola don't look a like thing. Now I expected she ate a Devil Fruit, which is Snake Snake Fruit: Model is Gorgon. This indeterminate story make me exciting.
  4. Monkey D. Luffy
    2008-09-24 21:58
    Monkey D. Luffy
    Yeah, it seems alot of people have died but not many important ones. It seems Lelouch has won against Schniezel but there is still fighting going on. Next time it's the final episode, I hope it's very good and that we know what becomes of all the characters.

    Sanji would be very happy to be on that island, or maybe Brook as well. ^^; It will be interesting seeing Boa Hancock and also her sisters and what she can do. I wonder if we will only focus on Luffy, until he meets up with the other Strawhats for right now.
  5. vel
    2008-09-20 17:28
    They are a badly strange family moreover envelop the whole world ^^;. New machine is tend to be flourished in this series, so I mind also C.C.'s Lancelot and Gino's Tristan Twin. Many person regardless of their position seem to die in this war. Diethard may also become important person, because he haven't yet geassed as long as I remember and he appeared to give Lulu eye contact. It make me relief and sorrowful to end it over the final two times. I hope it make into a film like Guren Lagan.

    One of Kuja's clan may become new member, who is unpredictably Elder Nyon (Every reader should feel disappointed). If Sanji come to this island, he would feel delight to death.
  6. Monkey D. Luffy
    2008-09-17 20:52
    Monkey D. Luffy
    Yeah, Shiniezel might be more crazy than even Charles. What a strange family. ^^; I also wonder of the Knights of Round, but more important is that Knightmare that it looks C.C. will use. She might be his secret weapon I think. I guess Nina will be more of an important person than I though, like you said.

    I think Luffy is in a bad situation but I think he will be able to escape. I also see why I read, that Margaret could be new Strawhat but right now I don't really think that she will be. I also want sea maiden Island already, I hope it happens this year.
  7. vel
    2008-09-17 05:31
    We were deceived by official site. Schiniezel's plan seems like terrorism. He become natural to one of bad guy. I wonder where the rest of Knights of Round are. Don't they engage in war? Now, Lulu is in a disadvantageous place for his main combatants are Suzaku, Jeremiah and C.C.. Contrary to that, Schiniezel's main ones are Karen, Toudou, XingKe, Anya and Gino (Tamaki?). Mmm, before I knew it, Nina is key person to win this war.

    If he were not gummous human, Luffy would lost his last mushroom. This episode had sexiest scene I had ever seen. Luffy is in envious situation but appear to dangerous one all together. I'm afraid Oda forget sea-maiden
  8. Monkey D. Luffy
    2008-09-12 23:37
    Monkey D. Luffy
    It was a nice surprise to see Nunnally going against Lelouch and Suzaku, now I just want to see what Schniezel's plan really is. ^^; I was also disappointed in the quick defeat of Monica and Drotea, I thought they would be better since they're Knights of Round but it looks like the Albion was too strong. Bismark's Geass was cool, but sadly he was also taken out by Suzaku and the Albion, but it was still a good fight. ^^

    I hope that the Strawhats are okay and find each other soon, I wonder what Kuma was saying to Rayleigh. I think Kuma is very mysterious and has other motives. Next chapter will be very interesting.

    I didn't know, Thanks for telling me. Let's just hope that it stays for a long time. ^_^
  9. Monkey D. Luffy
    2008-09-03 22:34
    Monkey D. Luffy
    Yes Your Majesty! It was great to see Lelouch as emperor and Suzaku as his knight and the look on everyone's face. I'm sad the Marianne also turned out to be with Charles on his plan, even if they cared about their children. What you said is very true, it does kind of seem like the Human instrumentality project a little. Now it seems like Schniezel will be against Lelouch.

    I'm happy that you will read Hellsing when it ends, it is a very good manga with nice characters but i'm also sad that it's ending. ^^;

    I also think Luffy is growing up more. I'm worried about where Zoro was sent and the rest of the crew too. Especially why Kuma showed up. Rayleigh seems very strong and I liked when he stopped Kizaru from turning to light, I hope that everyone gets away safely.

    Manga Kissa's sound enjoyable, i would like to go to one. They do sound similar to Internet cafe. Maybe there are more in other countries, maybe even in U.S. and I don't know of it. ^_^
  10. vel
    2008-09-01 19:59
    "All Hail Lelouch !". Wow, he became an emperor at last and his knight is Suzaku, which is beyond my imagination. Their opinion is unclear and what do they want to do? Marianne and Charles seem to love their children at least but sadly chose a plan, executing The Sword of Akasha. Anyway, when I listen to the plan, it remind me of Human Instrumentality Project in Eva. XD This episode is the most abstract in all episode.

    My answer is correct. I like it in that Hellsing's touch have original idiosyncrasies. I try to read it after it conclude the series,which is said in 2008.

    It's rare Luffy say " run away " but I feel he become a real captain. Hey, Where did Zoro go! Did Kuma let him go? I hope he come back ASAP. Rayleigh can slash Kizaru and is given due respect by him. He is the most powerful character so far. But it's difficult for even him to hold all enemies at once. Now, I anxious for the other pirates doing.

    Manga Kissa having many facilities for low place, I use it often and kill times with my friends. I think it is like Internet Cafe and wonder it run only in Japan.

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