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Conversation Between Daniani and incorrupts
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  1. incorrupts
    2008-10-24 11:43
    Yeah, clean slate and i mean REALLY clean slate is always good. Helps you to let go.
    And yeah, you have told me a few stuff, i hope it keeps on getting better for you. {btw, your bro? Did he adjust on the school and stuff?}

    Haha, CG is..weird when it comes to the word canon.

    You think? I just go with the writing most of the times, it is not like i hate any pairing, i just like some more than the others.

    I've got a lot of Kalulu icons, same with Shirlulu and CCxLulu. Collector here. xD
  2. Daniani
    2008-10-24 11:38
    Sometimes I say to myself that it helped me to feel better. I talked to you about my family's problems, did I xDDD? That feeling of starting a new life somewhere else helped me a lot...

    I have hoped so much for a happy Rurukare ending... so I was in despair ^^"

    You do like the three ships? You are a rare specimen I had some difficulties to think about RuruCC as a possibility but then again... episode 23 and 24 I don't hate this pairing... but I like and ship Rurukare

    Show me you're Kalulu icon, show meeeee
  3. incorrupts
    2008-10-24 11:07
    Yeah i know the feeling, i'm really glad it turned out ok. ^^

    Oh gee, i was depressed for a week. XD The ending was bittersweet but i loved it.

    Haha, no prob.

    Well, Shirlulu was my first OTP in the series but i like as well Kalulu and CluClu. {you missed my epic Kalulu icons lawl} Yeah, Lulu is so shippable for some reason. XDDD
  4. Daniani
    2008-10-24 10:59
    I was afraid it will be hard to make new friends and start a new school life... but everything went well ^^ I was depressed by the Code Geass ending... I wanted Lelouch to live... And I am so sad for Kallen. She's smiling but I feel that she is also very sad

    I don't go often on msn and I forgot to add you I will!

    Shirley grew up a lot in me since her death... and I questioned myself about shirley+lelouch. Rurukare will stay my favorite ship but a part of me think lelouch loved shirley. Those two ships are really nice, aren't they? ^^
  5. incorrupts
    2008-10-24 10:23
    Oh right, yeah. Forgot about that, cool that everything went ok. It is a bit difficult to adjust in the beginning but after that, everything comes full circle. "^^

    p.s btw, just in case, i changed my msn: kaizergun@hotmail{.}com <--in case you log in sometime.

    p.s 2 you never gonna change that Shirley icon right? xDDD
  6. Daniani
    2008-10-24 10:20
    It is but I'm doing great I'm doing really fine since I moved with my family ^^
  7. incorrupts
    2008-10-24 10:13
    True. "^^
    I figured, hope it is not that much of schoolwork, it can be a pain in the ass. "^^

    I'm great, really good. Thanks for asking. I take it you're good too? "^^
  8. Daniani
    2008-10-24 10:04
    Long time no see I've been very busy at school and stuff but I come read the forums sometimes. I just don't log in . How are you doing since the last time we talked?
  9. incorrupts
    2008-10-24 09:58
    Hey, long time no see. ^^
  10. Daniani
    2008-07-20 07:10
    Sorry, it was lunchtime xD

    I have a msn ID:

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