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Conversation Between Hey Boss! and L Lawliet 2
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  1. Hey Boss!
    2008-07-17 12:06
    Hey Boss!
    Oh yeah..stupid me I forgot ..which of the clamp works have you liked?? I like code geass ,Tsubasa, And cardcaptor sakura
  2. Hey Boss!
    2008-07-16 19:03
    Hey Boss!
    Oh yeah,I hadn't notice that until now..Yeah why do they do that? It's kinda repeating the whole blind thing..don't you think?
  3. Hey Boss!
    2008-07-16 12:42
    Hey Boss!
    Yup they are exactly the same !^_^
  4. Hey Boss!
    2008-07-16 12:13
    Hey Boss!
    I knew it they really look like each other ...they kinda act the same too
  5. Hey Boss!
    2008-07-16 00:10
    Hey Boss!
    Yes..I've read and saw the anime of both ..does Suzaku remind you of Syaoran?
    They do kind of Look Like each other?
    BTW: Like the new pic of L in your profile..Very cooL
  6. Hey Boss!
    2008-07-15 18:49
    Hey Boss!
    oh he is cool.. my fav is kallen and Schneizel
  7. Hey Boss!
    2008-07-15 18:41
    Hey Boss!
    is it Schneizel ?
  8. Hey Boss!
    2008-07-15 18:34
    Hey Boss!
    Who is your fav character ? don't know what else to talk about sorry -_-
  9. Hey Boss!
    2008-07-15 18:28
    Hey Boss!
    so do you watch code geass??just a random question
  10. Hey Boss!
    2008-07-15 18:11
    Hey Boss!
    Didn't matt wore a vest? I think it was fluffy ..was it fluffy? It look pretty cool ^_^

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