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Conversation Between Hey Boss! and OutSmart
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  1. OutSmart
    2009-03-16 15:27
    I'm sorry I believe I never got the warning from your message LOL, just noticed it now..

    anyways, so far I'm liking halo wars, not loving because I had way too high expectations, but its a great game and, so far, it offers what halo fans want the most, MORE HALO STORYLINE.. I mean, the franchise's lore is so frekin interesting.. I just love every single detail..

    plus, it has spartans.. many many spartans (dunno if you knwo the series but spartans in halo are like super bioengineered soldiers ^^, they kick ass...)

    now I'm gonna make my self some dinner ^^

    cya later
  2. OutSmart
    2009-03-11 14:41
    I' m doing great ^^, finally have some free time to try my halo wars.. finally LOL

    and thx for the friend request ^^

    wat about you? how you doin?
  3. Hey Boss!
    2009-03-11 00:18
    Hey Boss!
    I'm good!!thank you!(^_^)

    How's the game?is it fun?

    I heard that it was suppose to be good!

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