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Conversation Between Ace of Dragons and Nabiki Asakura
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  1. Nabiki Asakura
    2010-09-13 01:03
    Nabiki Asakura
    srry, i just checked my message box now. Yes, I received it without problems, thanks
  2. Ace of Dragons
    2010-09-10 17:05
    Ace of Dragons
    Sent chapter 17, just posting to confirm the e-mail didn't end up in a spam folder accidentaly. (That's happened to me before...)
    Have a good day~
  3. Nabiki Asakura
    2010-06-06 14:39
    Nabiki Asakura
    Episode 3 chapter 5
    I think that after this one we will have some free time, since there's nothing more to scan in a while
  4. Nabiki Asakura
    2010-06-04 01:24
    Nabiki Asakura
    Sending episode 4 chapter 9 for proofread Episode 4 chapter 09
    translator are really fast lately, don't you think?o3o3
  5. Nabiki Asakura
    2010-05-31 15:55
    Nabiki Asakura
    Episode 3 chapter 4 and Higanbana chapter 2 to proofread, if you have time, can yu please check it until wednesday? I'll probably travel and will just be back sunday, so I want to release it before I go @_@
  6. Nabiki Asakura
    2010-05-22 14:36
    Nabiki Asakura
    Hm, i really don't want to bother, but did you received my pm? I know that you will said only when you're free, but since I was talking with two as members and they said that they didn't received my pms, I thought that maybe you didn't receive it too.
    if you received but just didn't have time yet, just ignore this question XD

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