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Conversation Between saffy and blue skies
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  1. blue skies
    2009-12-01 21:15
    blue skies
    Oh saffy, you flatter me. Don't you disapear on me!

    I can't stand BA. I went there a couple times about a year ago, and that was it for me. It's like one huge circle jerk over pairings and characters over there, and heaven help you if you say anything that might rock the boat, just a little. You're too good for them, saffy.

    I so desperately need to catch up with Bleach. It was so shittastic when I last read it over the summer, I kinda miss it. I'm going to catch up now and read some of your oh-so-provocative comments here. Keep posting! Your visits are few and far between (I'm one to talk), and you're too awesome. I already miss you! ;<
  2. saffy
    2009-11-23 17:12
    Oh god Blue, don't disappear ! AS relies on peoples like you!

    Came back to AS cos' these idiot ichiruki members at BA got all huffy and puffy about some of my more provocative comments. Thought it would be less restrictive than AS but that turned into bullshit when I started offending the mods xD
  3. blue skies
    2009-08-18 12:27
    blue skies
    lmao saffy -- don't we all. Normally I don't go for blond guys, but November 11 is a massive exception. ;>

    What's up? I haven't seen you around here forever. Glad to see the Orihime Hate thread is alive and well, too.
  4. saffy
    2009-08-16 15:37
    I wish your avatar wasn't censored so.
  5. blue skies
    2009-04-11 22:41
    blue skies
    You're very welcome! It's great to see you back too. I took a break from Asuki for a while (you too?), and couldn't resist that silly thread. The two major ships in the Bleach fandom get dumber by the chapter, I swear. ;<

    also, post moar. That thread needs less crazies. XD
  6. saffy
    2009-04-11 14:56
    Thanks for the repuation which was yes - months ago xD But just also wanted to say great to see you posting stuff again it was missed!

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