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Conversation Between Kyo69 and Bloody_Hime
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  1. Bloody_Hime
    2009-01-24 05:37
    Thanks for the tip. Done, but I had most of that photos
  2. Kyo69
    2009-01-24 04:16
    Hey. You're an UlqyHime fan right? Did you check the Bleach Image Thread? Dela_Eden posted some nice images there.
  3. Bloody_Hime
    2009-01-02 19:22
    Ok, I'll tell it to u when I don't understand what you write. And I don't want to see Ulqui that way, either.
  4. Kyo69
    2009-01-02 17:44
    Well it's not that it's hard to write in english, I just make somme mistakes every now and then so if you don't understand something just tell . and I don't know any spanish.

    About Samurai Clampoo, yes they are quite different but if you liked Samurai X, I think you will like Samurai Clampoo too.
    I know about Samurai Deeper Kyo from my sister, but I haven't wached it.

    And I agree that they are cute togeter because they're complete opposites, but I wouldn't like to an Ulquiorra with emotions in the show.
  5. Bloody_Hime
    2009-01-02 16:58
    If it's difficult for you to write in English, you can do it in Spanish, if it's easier for you. I don't mind because I'm Spanish, although I usually talk in English. I haven't watched Samurai Clampoo, but for what I've heard it's quite different from Rurouni Kenshin, although both have the same theme or topic: the samurai warriors. Have you watched Samurai Deeper Kyo? It's a very cool anime. And I think Ulqui have to be with Orihime, because they're very cute together ^^
  6. Kyo69
    2009-01-02 15:09
    Hi! Welcome to the forum!

    Rurouni Kenshin is my nee-san's fav anime too.
    You did see Samurai Champloo right? Cuz the're similar.
    And please excuse my english if I make somme mistakes, writing isn't my specialty.

    And yeah, Ulqy rocks.
  7. Bloody_Hime
    2009-01-02 13:54
    Hi! How are you? Nice to meet u!! I'm a big Bleach fan, too!!! Go, Ulqui!!!

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