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Conversation Between Rising Dragon and 00-Raiser
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  1. 00-Raiser
    2010-11-15 23:33
    Yeah, though Danbooru isn't exactly receptive of me either. I post some Yuunoha stuff that's way better than a lot of the other crap that gets approved there, but when I appeal it I'm told it won't get approved because of the pairing.
  2. Rising Dragon
    2010-11-15 23:31
    Rising Dragon
    Yeah, I know the feeling. The persecution these trolls have against you is pretty appalling. And you'd think these filesharing sites would have some kind of appeal or review system... hell, even Danbooru has one of those.
  3. 00-Raiser
    2010-11-15 23:24
    The thing is most people overlook this stuff. There's a ton of hentai and other porn hosted on megaupload, and even though it's against the rules there's an understanding that you just don't report them. You download and enjoy them and that's that.

    But clearly I'm the exception to that. Of course it really only takes one person to do this stuff. And that it works even though no rules are being broken... I can understand it's safer just to remove all reported files, but still... there should be some means to prevent it.
  4. Rising Dragon
    2010-11-15 23:15
    Rising Dragon
    Yeah, humanity on the internet can be pretty disappointing.
  5. 00-Raiser
    2010-11-15 23:14
    Oh, thanks. I had reuploaded it myself already, though

    Shouldn't fucking have to do this shit, though.
  6. Rising Dragon
    2010-11-15 23:12
    Rising Dragon
    Just thought I'd let you know that I reuploaded the Snow & Strawberry doujin to Megaupload. Since its not from you this time, I figure it'll be up for a little while longer. Here's the link if you're interested.
  7. Rising Dragon
    2010-11-15 15:13
    Rising Dragon
    Its RisingDragon.
  8. 00-Raiser
    2010-11-15 15:12
    I don't mind at all What's your user name there so I can add you back?
  9. Rising Dragon
    2010-11-15 14:38
    Rising Dragon
    So I decided to click your signature and sign up on Anime-Planet, and I added you as a friend. Hope you don't mind.
  10. 00-Raiser
    2010-08-22 21:39
    Sounds like a plan

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