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Conversation Between Rising Dragon and Kaioshin Sama
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  1. Rising Dragon
    2012-03-05 23:38
    Rising Dragon
    Given WD's usual logic and trolling and the like, I find it mindboggling he got such a high rep level in the first place. I can't see why.
  2. Rising Dragon
    2011-10-24 13:45
    Rising Dragon
    My last three neg reps were in Gundam AGE and Shana, and the Shana one was only negated because the person who got upset with what I said was a junior member and thus it didn't count.

    But this time? I ask wingdarkness if he planned on being an episode behind, and some idiot neg-reps me for it. And before that, it was telling tsunade666 that if the artstyle of AGE upset him that much, he didn't have to watch it.

  3. Kaioshin Sama
    2011-10-24 13:43
    Kaioshin Sama
    Which show are you talking about and is it popular or not so much
  4. Rising Dragon
    2011-10-24 13:43
    Rising Dragon
    Sometimes the people who frequent the current series forums make me wonder why I ever bothered signing up for AnimeSuki in the first place.
  5. Rising Dragon
    2011-10-11 01:18
    Rising Dragon
    4Tran's actually stepped down from moderation; if you check his profile you'll see he's now just listed as a senior member. Dunno why, never bothered asking him and after his neglect of the forum, not really interested in the excuse.

    As for Shana, I understand the complaints towards season 2, but his statement of the ignoring the season's ending is totally bogus--sans the in medias res intro, it shows the direct continuation from the season end, and from what I know of the novel spoilers, is exactly what happens in the novels. As it stands, JC studios is having the author of the novels work directly on the project, so chances are its going to match the novel and its finale, since the final novel was released.

    A lot of people went into rage and such because they hadn't seen Shana in a long time and thus had forgotten the second season, and some where going about that you could skip the entire season and not miss out on anything, even though the Margery backstory, Pheles, and Sabrac arcs were all faithful to the novels.

    A couple people were also acting like petulant children because it didn't explain the sudden change in the introduction in the first episode, and I ended up stepping in and chewing them out for their impatience.
  6. Kaioshin Sama
    2011-10-11 01:09
    Kaioshin Sama
    Well as long as Charred doesn't end up spamming the crap out of the threads and just totally hijacking the conversation I'll be fine even if he cools on the show. My beef was really more with the constant beating into the ground of the "flaws" of 00 week after week at the expense of all other conversation as opposed to people not liking it. It was like the only thing people ever discussed and it was frankly fucking depressing and tiresome in the extreme. It's one thing not to like a show as that's anyone's right, but it's another to have such a clear and obvious and not to mention spiteful and hateful agenda against one that you destroy a forum and everyone's experiences in it while the "moderator" just lets it happen. If he does that again I'm not going to quit bothering the mods this time until they step in and put a stop to it.

    As for Shana, I don't know I kind of agree with him on season 2, though I haven't seen the 3rd one. I greatly enjoyed the first season for it's blend of action/romance/comedy and introduction of Rie Kugimiya as the defining loli badass warrior, but the second one truly bored me to tears and lacked any sort of gravitas such that I had to drop it before the end of the first half.

    As far as I can tell he's only saying it ignores the anime original ending arc for season 2 though which is an issue of consistency by J.C Staff if it's true. Again though I haven't finished either so I can't possibly verify that. Though I do know for a fact that season 2 retconned the ending to season 1 by pretending that Shana never heard the confession by Yuji, which was irksome so again the franchise definitely does have consistency issues as Reckoner points out. Perhaps he's a little on the harsh side, but if it is indeed the second time it's happened then I think I can understand why.
  7. Rising Dragon
    2011-10-11 00:38
    Rising Dragon
    Eh, I'm not totally convinced. Especially after his review of Shana 3rd's first episodes, and his claims that it's ignoring the entirety of the second season. If he's going to make baseless statements like that... but yes, I know there's worse than Reckoner. Charred Knight, surprisingly, seems supportive of AGE... but given 00 season 2, I really, really doubt that'll last.

    I'm just incredibly pessimistic, I guess, which is no surprise considering all the bullshit that happened in Code Geass and Zero no Tsukaima.
  8. Kaioshin Sama
    2011-10-11 00:32
    Kaioshin Sama
    I can assure you that Reckoner is on the level. He doesn't follow shows just to gripe about them...well at least not for more than a couple episodes and I find his criticisms to usually if not always be on point and fair. When we do disagree I recognize where he's coming from at the very least, which is more than I can say for some posters who have already sounded off about Gundam AGE. Reckoner is definitely enjoying the show so far and he does definitely enjoy anime as I've witnessed in his posts and through watching shows with him.

    Needless to say Reckoner should IMO be the least of your worries on this forum. Together we'll focus our energy on the truly unreasonable critics and hopefully see them outed, but Reckoner is definitely not one of them.
  9. Kaioshin Sama
    2011-01-05 00:23
    Kaioshin Sama

    I think you should listen to this podcast. It's really helped to solidify my view of the current fandom and why I really don't care what most people have to say about the shows they watch anymore. In short I'm past the giving a shit phase I was in during Code Geass and the Gundam 00 TV series where I legitimately wanted to see if I could help clear up misunderstandings and reason with and get people to give the shows a second look and into a phase where I've labeled anime fandom in it's current state a lost cause when it comes to anything reasonable, relevant or contributive being put forth by the bulk of it.

    Like Ngee Khiong and Gunota before me (or after me in the case of Ngee Khiong) who only ever wanted to help build and contribute to the Gundam community we love and have basically just been shit on and marginalized for it, I'm more or less out and really only planning on doing a post about it for myself and the few other people I know are anticipating it. If the only shows this current fandom is going to bother to have a functioning and positive minded community at large for are the Kyoani and moe shows then so be it I guess. I've got myself and a close group of friends and contacts to enjoy Gundam and mecha with so I'm generally good.
  10. Rising Dragon
    2011-01-04 18:10
    Rising Dragon
    I think I liked anime more before I discovered the internet. It's kind of sad that whenever something new comes out series-wise, the first thing I expect is lots and lots of bitching.

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