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Conversation Between Rising Dragon and WarpObscura
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  1. WarpObscura
    2011-07-01 00:32
    Oh, character creation. I don't really bother with that thread. =/ No wonder I hadn't the slightest inkling.
  2. Rising Dragon
    2011-06-30 13:32
    Rising Dragon
    There were multiple examples from multiple authors--synae was just mad that out of all them, she was the one who got singled out.

    Also, I remembered which author it was that got on synae's case: Tk3997.
  3. WarpObscura
    2011-06-30 05:29
    ... Yeah, ~2 years, bit long. Which was the "practically the same fic idea"?
  4. Rising Dragon
    2011-06-29 11:17
    Rising Dragon
    It all happened around the second half of 2009. Synae's since moved on with Shadowsverse stories like false light.

    Basically, a number of the OCT authors that weren't Keroko. arkhangelsk and them.
  5. WarpObscura
    2011-06-29 05:27
    Huh. How long back was that? I don't remember that happening... And when you say "the other authors", who did you mean...?
  6. Rising Dragon
    2011-06-28 11:27
    Rising Dragon
    I don't recall what she titled it, but it involved her first original character, Nena Ashley (an expy of Nena Trinity and Lockon Stratos from Gundam 00). When the other authors flipped out, it got so bad that the mods had to step in and remove all the posts. The worst part is, they only calmed down and explained why it wouldn't work AFTER she'd gotten so upset she killed the fic... and then shortly afterwards, someone came in with practically the same fic idea and it was accepted by the same people who had shunned her.

    For more details you'd probably have to ask Synae herself about it. Dunno if it's still a touchy subject for her or not though.
  7. WarpObscura
    2011-06-28 05:43
    Originally Posted by Rising Dragon View Post
    Synae made a fic like that, up until half the fanfic authors here decided to flip out and tear it apart.
    Which one was that?

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