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Conversation Between Rising Dragon and Sol Falling
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  1. Sol Falling
    2008-11-03 00:03
    Sol Falling
    Hehe. I usually spend too much time her as well, but last week really just piled up the coursework. I basically had no time to browse here at all except for a brief break on Tuesday. dec4raphsody (I think it was...?) did a pretty good job of defending Shirley anyways, though. bladeofdarkness, although he's quite biased towards Kallen, also added a few good points later on.

    Mao not manipulating Shirley...that would have been really interesting. Her going to Narita with just that duffle bag really seemed like she was giving up all of her past. Given what Shirley said at the end of that episode ('I came here to put an end to something', but also 'the sun will rise again'), her mindset at the time must have been very interesting. If she saw Lelouch chasing after her, I wonder what she would have thought.

    Since Lelouch was chasing after her. I really take Mao's words to Lelouch ('ah, what a scary face. It's a face that says you won't forgive me for harming your woman') and his actions to indicate that Shirley was first and foremost for him at the time. So if they had managed to come to meet under that monument, I think they definately could've formed something beautiful.
  2. Rising Dragon
    2008-11-02 13:39
    Rising Dragon
    Well, that's true. But, the romance thread hadn't been all that active after your last post and morbofist's response to it, and then KoZ posted that stupid comment and people started agreeing with it, so on and so forth. (I'm on this site way too much thanks to my lack of a job)

    It didn't surprise me, either. Emotional women have always been highly irrational at times, and Shirley was no different. I'd have liked to see how things would've turned out had Mao not manipulated the girl in trying to kill Lelouch.

    And yes, most of the pictures I posted were from the fansite. All but one of the pictures the other two posted weren't from it, though.
  3. Sol Falling
    2008-11-02 04:59
    Sol Falling
    Mm, but I've been the one bringing up Shirley's manipulation (or the failure of it) insistently. Of course I've been using that to support Shirlulu, but it's not really Knight of Zero's fault he can't follow the conversation. :P

    Any guilt Shirley had was eliminated when she retracted the kiss in Stage 13. I honestly wasn't very surprised anyway, given what she said about her father never really being there.

    As for the pictures, are those from the japanese fansite someone posted? Those are indeed excellent, and I quite enjoyed looking through them.

    Edit: Ah, some others posted too. Awesome.
  4. Rising Dragon
    2008-11-02 04:46
    Rising Dragon
    Actually, I think what really started it was Knight of Zero saying that Shirley was the real witch. I'd have blammed him for that, but figured you'd do a much more satisfying job there.

    Anyways, my ShirLulu Forever group has gotten a ton of new pictures you should check out.
  5. Sol Falling
    2008-11-02 04:33
    Sol Falling
    It was the delay in my response to morbosfist which caused it. I've really been too busy.

    That one guy is too funny. Because Shirley forgave Lelouch for killing her father, she's guilty and doesn't deserve him? lol.
  6. Rising Dragon
    2008-11-01 14:56
    Rising Dragon
    *sighs* You're needed in the CG romance thread again. They're starting up with anti-ShirLulu talk again.
  7. Rising Dragon
    2008-10-11 21:49
    Rising Dragon
    I made a group for Shirley/Lelouch fans, and its only natural you get invited.
  8. Sol Falling
    2008-10-08 18:27
    Sol Falling
    I was reading yesterday, and some arguing Kalulu and CluClu shippers were using Shirley as an example of why the other pairing sucked. It was funny, and I didn't want to interrupt. :P

    It seems this kind of environment is pretty conducive to ShirLulu support. I'll go catch up on the thread now, but thanks for letting me know I have something to look forward to.
  9. Rising Dragon
    2008-10-08 17:38
    Rising Dragon
    Somehow, I started a large conversation of ShirLulu support on the Romance thread today.
  10. Sol Falling
    2008-09-28 23:35
    Sol Falling
    :P I rarely know what to say when people say things were 'surprising' or 'expected' about a story. I guess that's just not how narrative works for me. As for the romance thread, I did see those comments and that one in particular earlier, but as I hadn't watched the actual episode yet I didn't really have anything to say.

    There's a post there now, though, basically reflecting my previous post. I'm glad to see we agree about Lelouch's death; what I wrote about that makes me sound pretty sure of myself and I'm not certain that won't come to bite me in the ass.

    Anyway, as for Schniezel; you're probably right that Schniezel wouldn't go so far as to allow Damocles to be destroyed, but I still think that creating a common enemy for the world was the intention of all three of them. As far as Lelouch's world being better, well, the show certainly tries to give off that message. Something I personally detest, however, is the arrogance of thinking one knows what's best for the world; although this is something many in Code Geass are guilty of, the fact that I knew Lelouch was the one destined to win has always exaggerated that arrogance in my eyes.

    As for Suzaku's punishment, my point was a comparison between him and Lelouch. Both Lelouch and Suzaku seek punishment, Suzaku for the murder of his father and Lelouch for Euphie and Shirley's deaths. Suzaku searched for far longer, came upon 'death' as an answer, was forced to 'Live!' by Lelouch, and as a result, has now come to bear even heavier sins and responsibilities(the first Fleia, and now killing Lelouch). But in Lelouch's case, he is allowed to greet redemption with steady eyes and a peaceful smile, leaving the world with but a single gesture? I don't believe he'll be able to find happiness--in terms of fate, Euphie and Suzaku are much more tragic than Lelouch and Shirley (though I still prefer the latter).

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