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Conversation Between Rising Dragon and incorrupts
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  1. Rising Dragon
    2009-05-14 13:13
    Rising Dragon
    Agressiveness is okay, its just that when it starts turning into a long line of posts that devolves into insulting a character and everyone campaigning to hate that character... well, that starts pissing off other people and gets the mods' attention. And whenever it starts for Ohgi and Viletta, that's what tends to happen.
  2. incorrupts
    2009-05-14 03:19
    No, i just rang a bell, to make sure you know it. 8D
    Like your friendly reminders, not to be "that aggressive" because mods will step in. Nothing trivial, really. 8)
  3. Rising Dragon
    2009-05-13 22:32
    Rising Dragon
    ... we're fiction?

    Dammit, I hate it when the Matrix is real.
  4. incorrupts
    2009-05-13 22:27
    Yeah, but we are fiction. 8D
  5. Rising Dragon
    2009-05-13 22:20
    Rising Dragon
    Nah. I'm just not afraid to call a character out on something even if I really like said character. I can guarantee you that if there was a real person in the world who did things like Lelouch or Ali Al-Saachez, most sane people would not praise him or sing songs dedicated to his glory, like they do for said two characters.
  6. incorrupts
    2009-05-13 22:15
    Ah, i see. I just thought, that you really, like really disliked him at some point and i was just "hum, does not sit right. 8D"
  7. Rising Dragon
    2009-05-13 22:05
    Rising Dragon
    Actually, I don't dislike Lelouch at all. He's a great character. That doesn't mean I'm going to turn a blind eye to some of the crap he's pulled, though. A lot of the things he has done goes against my personal values, like when he blew up the remnants of the JLF, and when he lied to his friend when he could've made things a lot more easier if he had come out with the truth.
  8. incorrupts
    2009-05-13 21:55
    "Same with any other character; if they stand against Lelouch, they must be hated, never mind the fact that Lelouch is worse scum than most of the cast."

    Can i ask you something, for curiosity's sake. You really seem to dislike Lelouch, yet you do ship him with Shirley. It just , does not sit right the way i see it. Kind of weird.
  9. incorrupts
    2008-12-21 22:58
    I kinda get where you coming from. xD

    Might as well give it a shot when i have free time.

    It is all about bitching. Trust me, fandom turns a LOT of people into whiny-bitches. Sad but true.
  10. Rising Dragon
    2008-12-21 22:52
    Rising Dragon
    Not yet, but dammit, some people are trying.

    Well, I thought it was a pretty good show, but don't let anyone catch you saying that on AS. The fans of it here are too busy bitching about how its not like in its original novel form.

    That they are. And when they're not complaining about the characters, its the machines. If the Gundams don't do so well against A-Laws, they complain. If they do do good against A-Laws, they complain. 00 Gundam hasn't been up to snuff at first, so they complain. Now that it is doing good because its complete, surprise! They complain some more!

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