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Conversation Between Rising Dragon and aeriolewinters
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  1. aeriolewinters
    2013-04-15 21:21
    Here's hoping that remastered ep 8 and 12 will have references to Fllay.
  2. Rising Dragon
    2013-04-15 21:18
    Rising Dragon
    Because they're sheep and because Lacus is more popular. So many people like to focus on Flay's problems rather than the attempts she made to fix them, while Lacus is the perfect little Mary Sue.
  3. aeriolewinters
    2013-04-15 21:17
    Why is it that everytime Fllay is brought up, people go up in full resistance.
  4. Rising Dragon
    2012-08-27 10:11
    Rising Dragon
    Yeah, I noticed.

    Though much as I hate to admit it, with all the bias Lacus gets it probably would've happened. *sigh* I liked SEED a lot more before I discovered anime discussion forums...
  5. aeriolewinters
    2012-08-27 10:06
    Oh boy, RD.... Someone made the bad decision to flat out tell Eidolon that Lacus still wins Fllay or no Fllay.
  6. Rising Dragon
    2012-08-01 23:46
    Rising Dragon
    ReddyRedWolf going on about how we're demonizing Flit because we think that his advocation of genocide is wrong. Because we think what Flit wants is wrong, we're making Flit out to be some horrible monster!

    I usually only have to deal with this level of stupidity from Akiyoshi in the Nanoha forums, or, god forbid, D-KLAC. But this bit from Reddy is just getting ridiculous.
  7. aeriolewinters
    2012-08-01 23:43
    what's the problem?
  8. Rising Dragon
    2012-08-01 22:55
    Rising Dragon
    Some days I feel like I'm beating my head against a wall concerning people and Gundam AGE. I really do.
  9. aeriolewinters
    2012-07-17 04:46
    Yep, pretty much. The Kira-Kio comparison I made was just my impression that people compare him to the specific Kira of Destiny's timeline, that's I believe where the "Jesus" tag comes from.
  10. Rising Dragon
    2012-07-17 02:10
    Rising Dragon
    Is it just me, or does monster get bent out of shape whenever anyone mentions something even slightly or remotely negative about SEED?

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