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Conversation Between Rising Dragon and aeriolewinters
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  1. Rising Dragon
    2012-06-21 12:12
    Rising Dragon
    Wouldn't know. Haven't actually completed Destiny yet; I've only got the 10 of 12 dvds and the 10th one is corrupted so I can't even finish watching all the episodes on that.
  2. aeriolewinters
    2012-06-21 12:11
    Why do people think of Destiny's ending as UNDERSTANDING? It wasn't. In fact, Kira admitted that conflict will still exist, and he has the burden of trying to fix it time and time again.
  3. Rising Dragon
    2012-06-21 12:09
    Rising Dragon
    Oh, so I wasn't the only one who noticed that?
  4. aeriolewinters
    2012-06-21 12:05
    gordol rhymes with troll
  5. Rising Dragon
    2012-06-18 00:12
    Rising Dragon
    And I'm unable to stab any of them. Alas.
  6. aeriolewinters
    2012-06-17 01:41
    true. There are pretty much biased idiots on both sides, pro or con destiny.
  7. Rising Dragon
    2012-06-17 00:22
    Rising Dragon
    I don't know why I'm getting into this damnable debate about Kira and the Destiny. I already know that no matter how much sound evidence I present, Destined Fate is going to put his hands over his ears while screaming la la la I can't hear you.

    This is why I left the SEED fandom. Too many goddamned idiots populating it.
  8. Rising Dragon
    2012-02-16 12:45
    Rising Dragon
    Ohhh, so that was a shop? "Shopped Genoace" usually conjures up different images in my mind, since I stay away from 4chan's boards.
  9. aeriolewinters
    2012-02-16 04:21
    Yes, i've heard of it, the 500yen Genoaces. they've been shopped to as low as 30 yen
  10. Rising Dragon
    2012-02-03 22:20
    Rising Dragon
    I'm not a fan of the hime cut, actually, but I do prefer her without that ridiculous hair ornament regardless.

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