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Conversation Between Rising Dragon and RadiantBeam
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  1. Rising Dragon
    2013-03-12 20:08
    Rising Dragon
    Well... I dunno if you still come here even infrequently, and I'm pretty sure my AIM messages can't get to you still, but I knew you enjoyed reading this fic while I was making it, so...

    Have a chapter 3?
  2. Rising Dragon
    2012-02-08 14:14
    Rising Dragon
    You should check your CP when you get the chance. :k
  3. Rising Dragon
    2012-01-13 14:32
    Rising Dragon
    Hey you. :k I posted something to the Nanoha FFT in case you're interested in checking it out.
  4. Rising Dragon
    2011-12-26 20:45
    Rising Dragon
    Sorry it's late, but happy holidays. Hope your Christmas was better than mine.
  5. Rising Dragon
    2011-12-07 16:31
    Rising Dragon
    Two needles in one day isn't what I'd call fun. :k

    Yeah, I've noticed. School is getting difficult, I take it?
  6. RadiantBeam
    2011-12-07 15:45
    I honestly wouldn't know, I don't use AIM much anymore anyway...

    Have fun? :k
  7. Rising Dragon
    2011-12-07 15:44
    Rising Dragon
    It's okay. Might've been a change in AIM itself; because the message I got back was the message didn't get through on account of you being unable to receive offline messages. Didn't think you'd actually blocked me because I don't think I'd see your status changes if you had.

    Drat... doctor's appointment. Won't be back for an hour or two. :k
  8. RadiantBeam
    2011-12-07 15:42
    Huh, were they? I'll have to go and check my settings, maybe I clicked something by accident.... sorry.
  9. Rising Dragon
    2011-12-07 15:41
    Rising Dragon
    It's just that all my attempts to contact you over AIM on the few times I've noticed you online were all blocked.
  10. RadiantBeam
    2011-12-07 15:40
    Sorry? :x


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