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Conversation Between Rising Dragon and Akiyoshi
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  1. Rising Dragon
    2014-10-05 15:46
    Rising Dragon
    Would be nice to know where he went. Kaijo, too. But yeah, unfortunately, AnimeSuki is no longer the safe haven for Nanoha fans that it was. And you can thank the moderation team for that.

    But that just means we need to make TFF that haven in its place.
  2. Akiyoshi
    2014-10-05 15:36
    I can see it now after watching the update on the thread. Guess it's only TFF and maybe Nanoha Wiki although i have no news of Koveras for a while.
  3. Rising Dragon
    2014-10-05 02:04
    Rising Dragon
    I understand that, but this is no longer the place to expand for an answer. The regulars were very critical about Nanoha stuff and if there was an announcement, we were quick to confirm it.

    Now that we've been chased out, there's no one here doing that. You'll end up getting conflicting answers, like you did with your A La Carte question--and for the record, there's been nothing to confirm the canonicity of A La Carte.

    I have no idea if the same holds true for ViVid Life, but you've already got a conflicting answer there.
  4. Akiyoshi
    2014-10-05 02:02
    I'll do. I just wanted to expand my possibilities for an answer xD
  5. Rising Dragon
    2014-10-04 21:26
    Rising Dragon
    Just bloody ask your questions on TFF, will you? You know that practically no one comes to the AS Nanoha forums since the 2nd movie disaster.
  6. Akiyoshi
    2013-05-10 00:26
    when such thing happens i'll be sure to clarify who am i talking about so no worries xD
  7. Rising Dragon
    2013-05-10 00:21
    Rising Dragon
    Then keep said trait to yourself and use the official name publicly. Otherwise new people, rare as that might be, may think you're referring to someone else and we have enough trouble with people spreading misinformation, deliberate or otherwise, around on the net.
  8. Akiyoshi
    2013-05-10 00:14
    Already explained i first related to the character as Carter Grendel, so that's how i know and feel connected with him, it's almost as if suddenly turns out Hayate's official name is Florence, it just wont cut out for me because i already acceted her as Hayate xDU

    So yeah, i know Kurt is the official version. but i prefer Carter more. Everybody also knows you guys are right so it's just a harmless trait i decided to adopt
  9. Rising Dragon
    2013-05-10 00:08
    Rising Dragon
    If you acknowledge it, use it.
  10. Akiyoshi
    2013-05-10 00:05
    i think you guys are making a storm in a glass of water with Carter's name xDU

    I even ackowledge Kurt is the real one so why the complain this time o_o?

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