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Conversation Between Perona and Shoko
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  1. Shoko
    2008-10-08 21:54
    I have heard Kid and Thompson Sister's Song Short Version ..
    It is on

    Patty's Voice is very very Cuuute ..
  2. Perona
    2008-10-08 16:03
    Yesh, its on thier CD. I also love that song, especailly So scandalous. Happy happy me
  3. Shoko
    2008-10-07 23:52
    I like that song too .. It is on BS and Tsubaki CD right ?
    BANG BANG BANG BANG is also awesome .. I like it
  4. Perona
    2008-10-07 17:06
    Its sad to say it but its so true! I love the song Harmonize, Dont you? It so awesome
  5. Shoko
    2008-10-07 01:29
    I think BS and Tsubaki's song is better than maka and soul's
  6. Perona
    2008-10-06 15:22
    I have to find them O.o I want to here it too >.<;
  7. Shoko
    2008-10-06 01:19
    Yes .. I checked in .. she is new .. same as Maka's ..
    I can't wait to hear Her cheracter song with Liz and Kid
  8. Perona
    2008-10-05 18:46
    You serius? Pattys seiyuu is new? Never knew that xD
    Yea Patty is awesomeness for that!
  9. Shoko
    2008-10-05 12:06
    Both Maka and Patty's Seiyuu were new for their work in SE
    I like when Patty scared Liz in Anubis ..
  10. Perona
    2008-10-05 09:41
    Yea, Patty sometimes sounds like a child and then when she gets serilus it gets all scary x3
    Makas voice is really nice to i like it as well but the voice actress needs some work because shes new ya know?

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