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Conversation Between Guernsey and Highman
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  1. Highman
    2010-03-10 13:04
    Yo G, meet me at MSN Messenger right now!
  2. Highman
    2010-03-03 15:28
    G, head to the shoujo ai pairing, I made some good points about the carnival.
  3. Highman
    2009-11-04 01:04
    Yo G! I got something, meet me AOL man!
  4. Guernsey
    2009-10-31 23:54
    I will talk you to tomorrow I was out all day and I am tired.
  5. Highman
    2009-10-31 11:29
    Hey G Whats up man, Can you meet me at AIM or MSN! Because I got alot stuff to show ya man.
  6. Guernsey
    2009-10-11 19:58
    Hey Highman, sorry that I didn't speak to you for awhile I was nbusy with other things and mmy internet is going down. I intend to use my school's and/or library's computers until I can pay that off but nevertheless I will try and communicate with you.
  7. Guernsey
    2009-10-05 22:39
    Hey Highman, I haven't talk you in awhile but basically I am very busy now and I may not be on AIM/MSN that often. I heard about that Sept 30 Hime fiasco but I forgive you, anyone can make a mistake but we learn adn grow, that's life man. Anyway just posted to say hey and I will get you when I get you, ciao.
  8. Guernsey
    2009-06-07 11:29
    Hey Highman, sorry if I hadn't talked to you earlier but my computer is little slow but I will try and make go faster so that we can talk again.
  9. Guernsey
    2009-05-30 09:08
    Hey Highman, I am sorry if I hadn't talked in days but my computer has the Conficker worm and I am trying to restore it.

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