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Conversation Between Guernsey and Galatea33
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  1. Galatea33
    2009-10-30 02:33
    Hmm well, it does in line like this:

    Ghost in the Shell (film), Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence
    S.A.C. 2nd Gig
    Individual Eleven OVA
    S.A.C. Solid State Society (SSS)

    So yes, maybe Third Reich also means SSS. Altho' naming it 'third reich' is a bit unfamiliar to me

    The only one I haven't watch yet is Individual Eleven OVA T___T
  2. Guernsey
    2009-10-29 20:32
    WQhat about Third Riech is it available or was it another name for the SSS?
  3. Galatea33
    2009-10-29 16:33
    oh The Solid State Society (SSS)
    Yes, it's already everywhere, there's even in youtube

    I personally believe Kuze is definitely exist in the net... you should watch it Guernsey

    Oh! and next time, you may want to click the 'view conversation' or click my user name before replying, since that way I know you'd posted me a message

    Talk to ya soon
  4. Galatea33
    2009-10-10 13:20
    third reich? I'm sorry ?
    I'm not sure I understand which movie you refers to, more details please

    are you referring to Sky Crawlers by mamoru oshii? - if so, then I havant watch it yet
  5. Guernsey
    2009-10-10 13:06
    I used to, I didn't really understand half the stuff in the show until I went to a Politics class and read information online, that show is awesome but a bit too political for my tastes. Anyway, did you see Thrid Reich how was it?
  6. Galatea33
    2009-10-10 10:59
    that made me wonder
    Guernsey, do you follow Ghost in the Shell movies & series ?
  7. Guernsey
    2009-10-09 13:07
    Yeah. Tachikoma's rock and even if they are a little annoying, they are intelligent think tanks that look almost like spiders and they have webs.
  8. Galatea33
    2009-10-09 00:09
    SURE !
    me is a Tachikoma's fan
  9. Guernsey
    2009-10-09 00:00
    hey Galatea33! Thanks for visiting my profile.
  10. Galatea33
    2009-10-08 23:13
    Your Takochima avvy is very nice
    they always looks nice, don't they

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