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Conversation Between SonOfHeaven and bladeofdarkness
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  1. SonOfHeaven
    2009-10-12 05:31
    Cool. I'm going to try again later on today. I pretty much made the sig one time but the edges messed it all up.

    I'm working with the same image just crop it up a bit.
  2. bladeofdarkness
    2009-10-12 05:26
    i'm afraid i'm not all that good at it either
    but i can what i would say if the picture was still there
  3. SonOfHeaven
    2009-10-12 05:20
    Hey, Blade what's up. Are you good at getting rid of backgrounds for images? That one Kallen pic I put in the avatar thread awhile back is giving me an tough time on the edges.
  4. bladeofdarkness
    2009-10-02 19:17
    some people just like to hate characters for no reason
    no point arguing with people like that, since they clearly didnt watch the show (espcially if they really claim that anya of all people have any real relevance when compared to kallen

    i just went there and saw the thread
    what an idiot
    and it also degraded back into the kallen vs suzaku last battle issue
  5. SonOfHeaven
    2009-10-02 19:11
    i wonder who we're suppose to appeal to ?

    Depends on the individual I guess. If they like Kallen as an character or not. I just visited the adult swim board today. Another Kallen being useless thread(Anya's more important than Kallen for example, pawn only to Lelouch). These people didn't watch the series clearly. Just too biased to see otherwise.
  6. bladeofdarkness
    2009-09-28 18:39
    i wonder who we're suppose to appeal to ?
  7. SonOfHeaven
    2009-09-28 18:35
    Lelouch/C.C fans greatly outnumber Lelouch/Kallen fans. Add the Kallen hate (like she's an un-needed character with too much screen time, etc) on many different places online. We get no fanart.
  8. bladeofdarkness
    2009-09-28 18:21
    i just wish there was more kallen and lelouch art out there
    there is so much C.C ones and too few kallen
  9. SonOfHeaven
    2009-09-28 18:15
    Nice new signature you got there.
  10. bladeofdarkness
    2009-07-31 16:31
    i know
    completely crazy assumptions
    at least now with the Z-R DVD out and C.C's final speech we can know for sure that lelouch is dead

    and its rather ironic
    i got banned for something unrelated a few hours before monir got to the thread
    and he banned zongetsu for that praticular line of posts
    if i hadent gotten banned when i did, i might have gotten more then just 3 days
    "the mod works in mysterious ways"

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