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Conversation Between SonOfHeaven and bladeofdarkness
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  1. SonOfHeaven
    2009-07-31 16:24
    Thanks. I was just getting tired of that zongetsu person about his Lelouch being alive theories. Especially after he said the creators agree with him.
  2. bladeofdarkness
    2009-07-31 16:01
    i didnt get the chance to say this before (kinda got banned )
    but your post in the lelouch thread was just awesome
    wanted to tell you in person
  3. bladeofdarkness
    2009-07-28 05:11
    its almost fun to watch him wiggle
  4. SonOfHeaven
    2009-07-28 05:09
    You'll still bothering with zongetsu? He makes no sense like everyone else knows. I have to go. I'll probably post later about Lelouch and C.C characters with actual small official quotes to bring his argument to a complete close. Same with Kallen as well. Trying to make it seem that the "little wish" quote was Kallen saying that herself.

    Either way he is so rude its ridiculous.
  5. bladeofdarkness
    2009-06-01 16:45
    thanx anyway
    do you happen to know WHAT sky did that got her banned this time around ?
  6. SonOfHeaven
    2009-06-01 16:43
    Sadly no. Can't find any online.
  7. bladeofdarkness
    2009-06-01 16:28
    do you know ANY from Lunatic ?
  8. SonOfHeaven
    2009-06-01 16:24
    I don't really know any other good Kalulu doujinshi's from Akazaki or Lunatic. I wish there were more normal doujinshi's for Kalulu on the net. I've only really seen those 18+ ones thst are mainly about Kallen and random people.

    I've heard that normal doujinshi's for Kalulu don't really get scanned to often. Same with normal Kagino doujinshi's.
  9. bladeofdarkness
    2009-06-01 15:47
    do you happen to know any OTHER kalulu Akazaki doujins besides that Rurukare Donburi ?
    or Lunatic Star ones ?
    or ANY good kalulu ones in general ?
  10. SonOfHeaven
    2009-05-25 20:08
    Its an great show. My favorite this season with Basquash! right behind the show.

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