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Conversation Between LustfulEnvy and ren_db
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  1. LustfulEnvy
    2008-10-03 00:03
    Im a junior in highschool btw. freshmeat years were hard but was one hell of a ride! Sophmore year went by fast too. Anyways good nighT reN.
  2. ren_db
    2008-10-02 23:55
    haha thanks =D i better go sleep... its bed time for the lil freshman. l8r buddy
  3. LustfulEnvy
    2008-10-02 23:42
    thanks I think I will =) sometime not now though lol its night time. I edited a stock of an eye from DA. Ill show in the TuT laterz.
  4. ren_db
    2008-10-02 23:38
    !! ur new sig, just plain awesome dude. get meh a tut, or make me one D=
  5. LustfulEnvy
    2008-09-30 21:53
    Lol that seems like enuff time =P Last competition was steep there were some hardcore entries.
  6. ren_db
    2008-09-30 21:45
    ooh Sotm october eh? i almost forgot. that im not sure about. i hope its a theme that i''ll get along with though, otherwise i'll just stick with requests and freebies till im ready for the competition *game face*

    edit: hmm music themed... geeeh, imma start brainstorming in my sleep, and tomorrow at school lol.
  7. LustfulEnvy
    2008-09-30 21:37
    Ive tried it before, honestly that tool doesnt like me lol. I'll keep trying, even if I have to superglue my ass to the computer chair lol.

    You gonna do a Sotm entry? im still looking for a render. You can use non-anime renders right? Im thinking of Vectoring (T_T) Lupe fiasco.
  8. ren_db
    2008-09-30 21:25
    haha, i wasnt at all good with the pen tool first time i tried. i think it was a year ago when i got curious with vectors. looked up a few tuts, experimented a bit, then i just said screw it, w/e, theres no way in heaven, or hell im doing this *bleep*. couple of months passed, i tried again, and again. then there we go, finally huddled all the guts and the patience i could and i managed to create 1 crappy vector at least. all started going 'uphill' from there. so yeah, dont overthink too much when ur using the pentool, just practice, be patient, and try to take breaks from time to time, as ur back will really hurt after awhile. u'll just get frustrated and.. yeaah.. haha =P

    whew, well i suggest u try it =P it actually gets kind of fun and u'd feel so god darn proud of urself, on the first few runs.

    notice: referring to my shana vector sig. this is a response to your picture comment honk honk =P
  9. LustfulEnvy
    2008-09-30 20:46
    Yeah our sigs are a bit similiar. Lol maybe we followed the same Tuts on Deviant Artists =3 I was practicing splatter sigs a few weeks back and just got into lighting depth and flow type sigs.
    Oh yeah the blue haired girl's from Vocaloid, Hatsune miku. Lol I have a bad habit of Editing the render T00 much
  10. ren_db
    2008-09-30 20:10
    y'know, i actually use somewhat similar techniques as u (coincidentally), mines just a bit more heavily sharpened and layered of lighten filters. haha, id say its best just referring to deviantart tutorials.

    oh and ty for the comment, i really appreciate the compliments and support. ive also seen ur work, and i could never successfully use 'arrow/vector' brushes, or w/e they're called. and splattering too. cheers to ur yuuki nagato sig, teddy bear sig and ur new sig with the girl with blue hair.

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