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Conversation Between yvj and Witacume
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  1. yvj
    2009-03-17 16:26
    A fansubber? That's pretty awesome.

    Let me know what shows you'll be working on XD
  2. Witacume
    2009-03-15 20:13
    aparrently i know the truth.
    and i do.
    I been really busy.
    I am studying Japaneses but intensely haha.
    Its kinda crazy.
    I check every so often but there is no real reason to argue since i already shot down every CC arguement to the ground and then some.
    What's the point.
    i check every so often to say hi.
    and to maybe using some Japanese on some people.
    I might do some fansubbing.
    but i don't know just yet.
    I wanted to finish this semester before i do something that large.
  3. yvj
    2009-03-15 01:40
    Haven't heard from you in awhile around here XD
  4. yvj
    2009-02-08 21:27
    LOL well I just can't be the bad guy XD

    But I'll support anyone who is willing to go down the demon path
  5. Witacume
    2009-02-08 13:44
    believe what you feel is right?
    come on yvj.
    thats a terrible statement.
    kiddies are still stuck in their post modern syndrome that they fail to see anything other than what is in their POV.
    Its sad.
  6. Witacume
    2008-10-29 20:27
    i know its like XD
    Lelouch i know where you are!
    I am waiting for the true love chapter when Kallen comes in and takes him away as he finds her lelouch in the parellel universe.
  7. yvj
    2008-10-29 18:37
    I've checked out the manga and it's great. And you're right the main character is a lot like Lelouch with his "just as planned" attitude. I could easily imagine this is a sort of how Lelouch would have acted like if he a relatively normal life.

    I've already read the 19 chapters that are out and it's great so far.
  8. yvj
    2008-10-26 23:58
    I'll do that, though I'm a little busy at the moment.
  9. Witacume
    2008-10-26 23:56
    tell me what you think of the manga. when your done reading the first couple of chapters
  10. Witacume
    2008-09-21 20:49
    well to be honest CC makes me confuse.
    For all we know they might have written her out of the ending lol.
    Anyways i am not to pessimistic because this episode, we lost the battle but because she did not use her line.
    WE have not lost the war.
    Thus it will be very important.
    as it is the last episode.

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