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Conversation Between yvj and Meatrose
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  1. Meatrose
    2010-08-06 21:30
    Haha, yeah, I would so do that if I were in their shoes and if the series that I green-lit turned out to be a failure compared to the original work. =)
  2. yvj
    2010-08-06 21:13
    I'm alright, just taking things day by day. Reality of course is not as fun as the internet 80% of the time.

    Yeah I think people believe non canon = bad. That's not necessarily true, even though its probably a higher percentage it will be bad then good. Folks are optimistic I guess and hearing non canon makes them nervous.

    And what's even funnier is how easy it would be for Okouchi/ Taniguchi to go "oh yeah that wasn't canon" any number of years down the road. Not even bothering to retcon or anything, they could just dismiss this series and that would be that.
  3. Meatrose
    2010-08-06 20:59
    Hey, I'm fine, a tad too tired though. =)

    I've been working my ass off for 5 weeks but it's all over now so it's going to be real nice to finally go on a fishing-trip. What about you?

    It's good to hear that someone agrees with me in the debate of what's canon and what's not, I'm always afraid to come off as some sort of lunatic. A lot of people think of something produced by the same production company as canon, without giving a damn about who wrote it. Of course... non-canon doesn't have to be bad, it's just that it often is. I'm hoping for something enjoyable as well, we'll just have to wait and see I guess. ^^
  4. yvj
    2010-08-06 20:40
    Hey how's it going?

    I see things are pretty much the same around just a tad quieter.

    I'm with you on the canon debate though. If it's completely brand new writers without the original creators then at best you can argue spin-off in certain circumstances.
  5. yvj
    2010-04-29 18:57
    good to be back
  6. Meatrose
    2010-04-29 17:28
    Welcome back mate! ^^
  7. yvj
    2009-12-14 02:01
    Thank you very much
  8. Meatrose
    2009-12-13 17:10
    Hey mate, good to see that you're back! =)
  9. yvj
    2009-12-05 20:12
    Good to know XD
  10. Meatrose
    2009-12-05 20:11
    No problem whatsoever mate, I've got your back. ^^

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