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Conversation Between yvj and bladeofdarkness
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  1. yvj
    2010-05-05 01:19
    lol late reply

    Thanks, glad to be back
  2. bladeofdarkness
    2010-04-30 05:36
    welcome back
  3. yvj
    2009-10-22 16:29
    Thank you very much. I appreciate the feedback. I know there are a number of technical mistakes. I wanted to know if the characters were in character or if the storyline was fine.

    But I guess things turned out fine XD
  4. bladeofdarkness
    2009-10-22 15:33
    really good fic
    cant think of any suggestoins
  5. yvj
    2009-10-22 15:04
    So ok I've been working on a KallenXLelouch fic: It's a rough draft, it doesn't have a an actual ending as of yet and there are still a ton of errors (spelling, grammar, etc) left to work out. But I won't a few opinions before I toss it out onto So tell me what you think and if you have any suggestions let me know.
  6. yvj
    2009-09-20 20:34
    Thank you very much. I dig it
  7. bladeofdarkness
    2009-09-20 18:42
    i tried making you a sig
    its not much, but its the most i can do with my skills
    hope you like it
  8. yvj
    2009-09-19 21:09

    I didn't even think about it in all that detail. What I was thinking is that here was something that at least seemed plausible.

    But you're right it was depressing as hell. lol
  9. bladeofdarkness
    2009-09-19 04:24
    sky gave me that fic too
    why is it that everyone assumes that just because i like the concept of suzakuXkallen POST zero-requiem
    i want to read fics that portray them both as manic-depressive people who'd be better off sliting their own wrists
    and whos entire relationship is centered around abuse and violence

    how much would you like a violent depressive kalulu fic ?

    10x 4 the thought, but thats just way to depressive for me
  10. yvj
    2009-09-18 22:27
    Not sure if you're into fanfics or anything but this must intrigue you. It's rated M anyway

    Sex with Suzaku was nothing at all like how she had imagined it would be. Except for maybe just one thing. Maybe. Suzaku/Kallen. M for sex, violence and the portrayal of one very dysfunctional relationship.

    Spoiler commentary:

    I think somewhere Lelouch should have been mentioned or maybe I missed it. But other than that it was intriguing.

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