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Conversation Between yvj and bladeofdarkness
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  1. bladeofdarkness
    2009-09-07 03:47
  2. yvj
    2009-09-07 03:46
    Welcome back
  3. bladeofdarkness
    2009-08-09 13:57
    how about we talk about lelouch

    did you notice that there is a myth going around that the universe loves to screw lelouch over ?

    did you notice how utter bullshit that myth is in TWO different ways ?

    1)lelouch's own actions lead to almost every single screw up the universe throws his way
    2)its never LELOUCH that gets screwed over, but rather those around him

    he goes to the SAZ intending to geass euphie, and the end result leads to hundreds of japanese deaths, and euphie destroying herself and dying
    he manipulates rolo into being his "rag" and it leads to SHIERLY dying (not lelouch "losing" sheirly, SHE is the one who dies for it)
    lelouch uses xing-ke's coup as a cover for kidnapping the tianzi, and it ends up landing kallen in prison
    he attacks the geass place out of rage for shierly's death, and it leads to C.C losing her memory (thats somewhat borderline)
    he rages at suzaku for "betraying" him and refuses to listen, and it almost kills nunnaly (and does kill millions of other people)
    he lies to the OOBK since day one, and it leads to rolo dying (and almost results in kallen dying before that)

    none of the "universal fuck ups" are independent or unrealted to his actions
    they just strike him indirectly, both in the sense that they are the indirect result of his actions, and that they strike those close to him rather then himself
  4. yvj
    2009-08-09 13:49
    Lol so you're saying same old same old then
  5. bladeofdarkness
    2009-08-09 03:03
    possible plot lines for season 3 ?
    "Lelouch: Hero or villain ?"
    "what outfit makes kallen look sexier ?"

    you dont need me to come up with this for you
  6. yvj
    2009-08-08 22:10
    What else can we talk about?
  7. bladeofdarkness
    2009-08-08 04:57
    i'll try
    but its hard when there is almost no attention in the thread
  8. yvj
    2009-08-07 19:53
    Sky sez Hey

    Keep up he TL;DR
  9. yvj
    2009-08-05 21:53
    Got banned sonny boy. (For off topicness and making a issue of Sky's banning << specifically stated)

    Banning = two infractions by you know who for something I got a warning from earlier from a different mod.

    A fair man that one is
  10. bladeofdarkness
    2009-08-05 12:23
    welcome back
    what happened ?

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