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Conversation Between yvj and Nobodyman9
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  1. yvj
    2010-03-13 04:20

    I suppose you're right
  2. Nobodyman9
    2010-03-12 15:14
    It's been in a tail spin for about 5 or 6 years, and I believe we're pretty close to the final arc of the story. Face it yvj, Naruto is screwed. Kishi just doesn't care anymore.
  3. yvj
    2010-03-12 13:50
    Yeah its been pretty bad. Starting to lose hope that it'll recover from this tailspin.
  4. Nobodyman9
    2010-03-10 15:20
    LOL, tell me about it Honestly, that series has just hit rock bottom.
  5. yvj
    2010-03-10 14:27
    A friend of mind convinced me to take a stab at one. I suppose I am a casual NaruSaku fan. But Naruto pairings are mostly lulz since Naruto seems to be digging Sasuke more than anyone else these days lol.
  6. Nobodyman9
    2010-03-09 14:14
    Hey yvj ol' buddy. I see you posted a Naruto fanfic on I'll have to give it a read later Oh, and I didn't know you were a NaruSaku fan. (right?)
  7. Nobodyman9
    2009-12-14 02:17
    Well, it's all water under the bridge. I'm just glad you're back now
  8. yvj
    2009-12-14 02:05
    At the time I was pretty annoyed. I had calmed after that, that is of course until the banning. Which didn't really help my keep my objectivity about the entire thing.
  9. Nobodyman9
    2009-12-06 00:05
    Why so serious? You were chewing me out out there on the image thread. I thought you might have been mad

    But yeah, I think we both probably said things we shouldn't have said, but we shouldn't let it get to us. Let's just forget it and move on.

    And yeah, I hope we can continue to get along, because I know you're a nice guy. As long as we play it cool we should be fine.
  10. yvj
    2009-12-05 23:42
    Why so serious Nobody?

    Anyway I'd be a bit of a hypocrite if I didn't acknowledge that I let something petty irritate me as well. It was very unnecessary, and I should have thicker skin.

    I don't think things that happen on an anime forum should be affecting us personally. It seems childish, even though ironically we're technically fighting over a cartoon.

    Hopefully we can get along again. But if not, well we should at least let whatever is coming show up on the horizon before falling back into the old roles.

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