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Conversation Between thespringmoon and ZeroSama
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  1. thespringmoon
    2008-07-08 17:20
    Haha! I think I might've chuckled a bit when Euphie went crazy... I felt a little bad afterwards.

    And I most certainly hope so! >:0 Who ever hurt dearest Shirley has to GO.
  2. thespringmoon
    2008-07-08 10:56
    Baha... I cried. I'm such a girl. xD
    I think the worst part for me was when Lelouch kept trying to geass her into living.

    ...but it was easier knowing it was going to happen and having time to brace myself for it.
  3. ZeroSama
    2008-07-08 10:53
    Well how did you hold up after Shirely's death scene?
  4. ZeroSama
    2008-07-01 12:06
    Thats the spirit don't give up until the end or all hope is lost.

    I mean we have floating god-killing temples, immortals, mindreading, blond midgets that teleport etc. Some type of re-animation device is not out of the picture, although a little far-fetched.
  5. thespringmoon
    2008-07-01 12:00
    I've never been very good in believing in things, I'm definitely going to try. :]
  6. ZeroSama
    2008-07-01 11:31
    Remember CG is a Sunrise show. They don't like killing people(well recently anyway) and those that do die don't always stay dead.

    Don't give up hope just yet.

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