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Conversation Between thespringmoon and yuuk1
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  1. thespringmoon
    2008-07-13 13:04
    haha noooo. I just want to enjoy my pairing without having to fight people over every. single. little. thing. Debating in there is doing nothing but destroying my nerves. Besides... if I snap in there, someone's going to have their feelings hurt... and no one wants that, haha.
  2. yuuk1
    2008-07-13 11:30
    Aww..! You're not gonna post anymore...? >.< even though I don't really know you well and the argument about the shipping still goes on, I'll miss your posts!!
  3. yuuk1
    2008-07-12 17:01
    Exactly!!! (o,~)
  4. thespringmoon
    2008-07-12 16:49
    lulz... anyone who denies TamaHaru has a stick in each eye. It's so painfully obvious! <3
  5. yuuk1
    2008-07-12 16:42
    Aww! Tnx<<<3

    I like your posts too, honestly, sadly, we ship differently! XP Except for TamaHaru though!!
  6. thespringmoon
    2008-07-12 16:36
    Seriously, don't worry about it. :] And I won't ever hate you over something silly like being passionate about a pairing... in fact, I admire it.
  7. yuuk1
    2008-07-12 16:25
    >.< seriously sorry.....! My mind just went blank and had absolutely no clue what I was typing!

    And I really don't know why, but I really thought you and HT are seriously hating me ever since I joined in...!

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