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Conversation Between zzeroparticle and Sorrow-K
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  1. zzeroparticle
    2009-03-02 03:55
    You said: "Again, Clannad takes the sports thing very seriously. What is with Clannad and sports? I think if a war ever broke out in the Clannad universe, they'd use an international soccer game to decide it... that's actually kinda awesome now that I think about it."

    My response: You might be interested in reading something tangential like this article
  2. Sorrow-K
    2008-10-05 21:55
    Well, to be simplistic, I always saw Higurashi as bit of a 26 episode Kaede-arc. So, imagine having two episodes of Higurashi in Shuffle!, and I think you just about get the picture.
  3. zzeroparticle
    2008-10-05 13:52
    As I mentioned, we both thought it was bad and it all comes down to a matter of degree. Something tells me though that since I consider Shuffle! to be the biggest abomination I've seen (though I did admittedly drop it after the 7-episode test came up a failure so my perceptions are based up to that point), that either the Kaede arc is good enough to push it to Nogizaka's level (something that I perceive to be unlikely) or that I've yet to watch shows that are truly the cream of the crap.

    Note: I wasn't insane enough to dig into He Is My Master, so take that as you will.
  4. Sorrow-K
    2008-10-05 06:18
    This is probably the best place to do this discussion, since the site's comment system is used so rarely I'm not sure I'm comfortable using it to have a discussion about anime.

    My rating for Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu had nothing to do with the discussions we had on this forum, but I do admit I was originally going to give it a higher rating. Two things changed my mind. When I re-read over my review, I had realized just how negative I'd been about it and I could no longer justify to myself that it was worthy of a higher rating. The second thing is that when I compared it to all the other series that I'd given a "Below Average" rating, I realized that I thought all of them were better than NHnH. So I gave it "Poor". I decided it was the most fair thing to do. But it probably could have gone either way.

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