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Conversation Between zzeroparticle and SeijiSensei
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  1. SeijiSensei
    2009-02-14 08:19
    The "casual fans" I was referring to are the kind that buy anime in Best Buy. I could see them buying, say, Baccano!, because it's got a substantial amount of "action," and it has an American setting. Oh! Edo Rocket just seems "too Japanese" to me to be successful in overseas markets, but you never know.

    I think it's quite a funny and inventive show, with deeper themes about freedom of expression and individualism. There is also some material about social status and discrimination, particularly with regards to the artisan class which apparently fell near the bottom of the scale in this historical period.

    Oh, and both Coil and Nodame Cantabile are in my signature, but it hasn't had the desired effect as of yet!
  2. zzeroparticle
    2009-02-14 01:13
    Yeah, again, thanks for the recommendation. Big band jazz is a genre that I find to be pretty rare in terms of appearing in anime soundtracks, which made Rocket a good change of pace as well as a delightful listen. I did pick up on the theme and variations issue you mentioned, but I did like the little twists they put in and though I can see myself tiring of them and cherry-picking 5-10 tracks to add to my regular playlist, it hasn't happened yet.

    I've not seen Rocket, mostly because I thought the premise was a bit strange though that's not a reason to avoid a show and I've seen more than my fair share of offbeat stuff, which means that as long as the quality is good, I'll chance it. So while you say it's not for the casual fan, would you still recommend it nonetheless?

    As for your conspiracy theory, you clearly need to test it by putting Dennou Coil in your sig.
  3. SeijiSensei
    2009-02-13 08:44
    Glad you're enjoying the Rocket soundtrack. I don't know if you saw the show itself, which was a satirical story of repression in an anachronistic 1840's Edo with modern and fictional technologies. If not, you'll have to wait awhile now since it was recently licensed by Funi in one of the strangest licensing decisions I've seen. Other than the fact that the heroine, Sora, looks like a Eureka clone, I don't see many things in this show that will attract the casual anime fan. Since they recently chose to distribute Baccano!, along with picking up a couple of Geneon properties like Saiunkoku Monogatari, I'm beginning to wonder if Funi is basing its licensing choices on which series show up in my signature!

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