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Conversation Between Ota-kun and Patchy
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  1. Patchy
    2011-07-11 20:56
    Greeting you a happy b-day Ota-sama.... wishing for more touhou pix to come this year lol.
  2. Ota-kun
    2011-04-27 02:04
    Touhou thread posted.
  3. Ota-kun
    2011-03-01 00:55
    Well it is a reitaisai pack
  4. Patchy
    2011-03-01 00:33
    Thanks for the notification Ota-sama....

    THe first one looks like there's a lot of good stuffs in it
  5. Ota-kun
    2011-02-28 22:10
    Uploaded dumps are now in the touhou thread
  6. Ota-kun
    2011-02-12 03:44
    Updated the Love Ya Like A Sister Rainmeter suite to 0.8 from 0.5.1! Though still missing some vital skins to make it a complete suite.
  7. Patchy
    2011-01-27 20:51
    Saw that ^^, it really fits on some bubbly and soft wallpapers XD
  8. Ota-kun
    2011-01-27 03:06
    You should check out the Rainmeter new project I started on which I posted in the Post Your Desktop Thread
  9. Ota-kun
    2011-01-21 20:22
    oh yeah it's up now
  10. Patchy
    2011-01-21 20:05
    Thanks... will sure be ready for it... ^^ gawd you sure are hardworking on uploading a lots XD

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