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Conversation Between yuuk1 and HayashiTakara
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  1. yuuk1
    2008-10-17 22:23

    Don't you mean "ARE"

  2. HayashiTakara
    2008-10-17 22:22
    lol, you know you believe it, its ok I know I can be an asshole
  3. yuuk1
    2008-10-17 22:20

    well it's true anyway...?

    JK!!!! XD
  4. HayashiTakara
    2008-10-17 22:18
    *sobs uncontrollably*
  5. yuuk1
    2008-10-17 22:10
    Well yeah..! That too...! XD
  6. HayashiTakara
    2008-10-17 22:07
    lol, I thought everyone just thought I was an asshole, lol XD
  7. yuuk1
    2008-10-17 22:01
    True. I totally agree with you on the drapes. I'll admit, I'm not good when it comes to drawing the folds on the shirts or clothes of the characters that I draw, that's why I do research and observe the way KT-san, and other great manga-kas out there who're really good with details and fashion--- draw. ( I myself, am a fashionista, not bragging or anything..! >,<)


    SO THAT'S WHY!!! I always thought you had that... aura(?) of a mentor's... like a guider of some sort..! You were a teacher...! So that's why I always get that mature-type of feeling whenever I talk to you...! Well that explains everything! I thought I was just imagining things!

    Thank God I'm not goin' crazy! ><
  8. HayashiTakara
    2008-10-17 21:53
    I always try to be as helpful as I can when it comes to art, it does nobody any good to be mean. Constructive criticism is important to those who wants to improve. I use to teach art workshops in the summer for teens when I was in college. It was pretty fun.

    Oh. a good thing to learn is how different fibers draps over a person's body.
  9. yuuk1
    2008-10-17 21:46
    I know right...!? I knew something was wrong with his torso..! Nevertheless, I'm thankful for your advice..! Thank you, HT-sensei..! <3

    I'll do my best next time, and improve...! ^___^

    Oh and I'm glad you liked it....! <3
  10. HayashiTakara
    2008-10-17 21:42
    Actually yeah, its good, I like it. Although, the red you used for the blush is too much on the purple side. And one more, Ichigo's body is too "sucked in" on the left side, widen it a bit, and since its a sweat shirt, it should be heavy and less conforming to the body.

    Thats about it really, but overall I like it.

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