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Conversation Between yuuk1 and Ichigo&Rukia
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  1. Ichigo&Rukia
    2008-10-23 12:16
    hey Glad to see you here again. I think you were gone for a while right?
    I'm OK. Had some bad things on my mind lately but now it's OK..what about you?
  2. yuuk1
    2008-10-22 18:57

    What's up MOF~chan..!

    Just curious if you've already started HS... ><

    Haven't chatted with you in a while y'know...!
  3. Ichigo&Rukia
    2008-10-01 23:47
    Haha, I'm glad!!!!
    YOU HEARD THE LYRICS OF THE THEME SONG? What me to send them to you???
  4. yuuk1
    2008-10-01 14:32
    U KIDDING...!? i THOUGHT I WAS GONNA DIE FROM SQEALING!!! My mom had to hit me with a frying pan to shut me up! XD

    He sounded sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooo

    DESPERATE!!! MORE THAN THAT actually...!
  5. Ichigo&Rukia
    2008-09-30 09:28
    I bet you are so satisfied by the last CM.
  6. Ichigo&Rukia
    2008-09-15 07:08
    Bored and since today was my first school day, I'm DEPRESSED.
    IchiRuki. It's sooo good to be on the winning side. I feel lucky.
  7. yuuk1
    2008-09-14 16:10

    We've been so spoiled with the IchiRuki-ness all summer/spring, plus there's still more CMs to come!! XD

    But anyway, I'm doin great! I kinda miss the IchiRuki vs Inoue debate cuz I like debating a lot...!

    How bout you..?
  8. Ichigo&Rukia
    2008-09-14 04:18
    hey, how are you? =)
  9. Ichigo&Rukia
    2008-07-15 02:15
    Everyone loves L...I'm not such a fan but all these L love is amazing
    Anyway,really glad you joined,one more IchiRukier is cool
  10. yuuk1
    2008-07-14 19:44
    Why wouldn't I !?!?! I <3 IchiRuki!!! It's like my life!!! Oooh and I love Death Note the movie! All three of them, especially L Change the WorLd!

    L's mine!!!! >.<

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