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Conversation Between kiki_natsumi-chan and Shinigami_Mello
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  1. kiki_natsumi-chan
    2009-01-19 17:01
    It's a trauma D:
    Holy eff...I'm seeing how they cook in the PS3 .________.''
    I prefer my Wii xD
  2. Shinigami_Mello
    2009-01-19 16:45
    Ooh, darn, me too. Especially what happens in the tea party...gah, there's no way!
  3. kiki_natsumi-chan
    2009-01-19 15:14
    I said that? Damn...xD I really gotta pay attention to what I say. /// Sorry...
    I spoiled myself till no end D: And here I am hoping half of it is a fake D:
    It sure is xD I might just watch it again when it shows in my country xP
  4. Shinigami_Mello
    2009-01-18 21:05
    Eh, you dont know anything about it as in the fourth game~?
    I already spoiled myself on it...oh dear...completely epic.
    And American Idol, hehe, I've watched that before. It's a real guilty pleasure at times. xD
  5. kiki_natsumi-chan
    2009-01-18 17:47
    Hehe...^^'' I love both you're pics as well...the one in your profile looks like a real anime Beato xDDD
    Yeah I was wasn't I? XD Makes no sense to visit it when you don't know anything from it xD
    I can't wait to read it either. =D
    Holy omg...I'm watching American Idol...I've been so traumatized xDDDD
  6. Shinigami_Mello
    2009-01-18 17:18
    Mmhmm, sure is~ =D
    And, I need to comment on your cute Hanyuu picture as well! I see you're viewing the fourth Umineko thread. I cant wait to read that <3
  7. kiki_natsumi-chan
    2009-01-18 14:32
    Glad to hear that ^^
    Hehe thanks...I don't remember where I found the picture...yay bad memory 8D
  8. Shinigami_Mello
    2009-01-18 11:57
    I'm doing good, same as usual. Thats a nice picture, Battler-kun!
  9. kiki_natsumi-chan
    2009-01-18 11:53
    Hiya! How are you?
  10. Shinigami_Mello
    2009-01-01 01:26
    Haha, I've been doing that on my online new years party xD
    Oh dear, I cant imagine giong back tio school after this break ._.

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