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Conversation Between gigaloki and Sinestra
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  1. gigaloki
    2009-07-07 15:38
    yeah.. its not that impressing xD
  2. Sinestra
    2009-07-07 15:15
    Iv seen the first episode of Needless im not too impressed yet we will see. I usually download a torrent.
  3. gigaloki
    2009-07-07 14:46
    aww .. yeah... thought it was from needless xD the battle auras looks the same.... btw how do you watch needless... and if yes... how do you rate it out of 10/10??
  4. Sinestra
    2009-07-07 14:41
    Hey thanks for the message my avatar is actually not from Needless its from Sengoku Basara
  5. gigaloki
    2009-07-07 14:31
    i know your ava.... its from needless.... i think you'll love umineko very... VERY much! xD

    lets be friends sire

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