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Conversation Between gigaloki and vandakiara
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  1. vandakiara
    2009-07-10 14:29
    oh I'm sorry I forgot to answer you.. I think I'd made an imeem account a while ago but I'm not sure though... I've already seen the group link already but... how can I improve the group?

    oh and thanks for the screens :3
  2. gigaloki
    2009-07-08 13:54
  3. gigaloki
    2009-07-08 13:53
    neh! do you like to see umineko ep 2 screens??
  4. gigaloki
    2009-07-05 20:52
    here is a link.. if your free i want your help to improve this group hehe
  5. gigaloki
    2009-07-05 20:51
    btw do you have an imeem account?? i see you too in onemanga forums haha... plz inform me if you do
  6. vandakiara
    2009-07-05 14:53
    sorry to disappoint but I'm not a part of the WTDND group (although I want to help so I'm going to ask if I can help with anything)...
  7. gigaloki
    2009-07-03 11:58
    yes yes thanks! your one with nabiki and honya in the WTDND if im correct htat translate umineko manga to english desho?!~desho?!

  8. vandakiara
    2009-07-02 10:15
    you're talking about the higurashi manga? the english-portuguese thing?

    I'm mainly doing typesetting and correcting a few things in the translation here and there but not really translating...

    but thanks anyway :3 it means a lot to me ^-^
  9. gigaloki
    2009-07-02 09:35
    thanks for the manga translation job!! keep up the good work buddy!
  10. vandakiara
    2008-09-30 12:00
    hmm well, if you like animes like kanon and air (romance/drama) and fantastic animation you'll absolutely love seeing ef- a tale of memories... there's a 2nd season coming on october 6th named ef - a tale of melodies... so if you start seeing the 1st now, you'll probably be able to see it all in a row x)

    about the artist thingie... well if you go to your User CP and look at the left side there's a thing called 'group memberships' and you can pick whichever you think best suits you..
    I consider myself an artist because I draw a little bit and I sing and write songs and a bunch of stuff so artist is what sums it all up, I guess... though I'm also in the graphic designer category cuz I use photoshop a lot and I'm kind of taking classes about it
    so you just choose whatever you think suits you better, I don't think there's any specific definition on AnimeSuki

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