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Conversation Between muncheez<3 and Nobodyman9
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  1. Nobodyman9
    2009-06-18 14:49
    Ha ha, likewise. Honestly I don't know why Sunrise killed her. I guess they're just a bunch of sadistic A-holes As far as Lelouch, whether or not he's a good person is up to debate, but I understand what you mean. But yes, he was lucky to have known shirley
  2. muncheez<3
    2009-06-18 13:53
    just thinking about them makes me feel all warm inside , :[ Why did Sunrise have to take her life away?, it saddens me how Lelouch died with people still hating him and that actually he's really a good person. Lelouch is lucky to have someone like Shirley as his friend ^^
  3. Nobodyman9
    2009-06-18 13:32
    Yep, I gotta agree with that. There's something about Shirlulu that just strikes me as beautiful. The fact that she could love him after everything she'd been through, and that she was a sweet innocent girl while he was an amoral war monger...well, as you said I just think Lelouch needed someone like Shirley.
  4. muncheez<3
    2009-06-18 13:16
    Ooo that's sounds cool, it's great to hear from other shirxlulu shippers because their opinions always makes me feel more happy about shirxlulu ^^, I think they belong together because i believe Lulu needs someone like Shirley....its just a feeling i have that they really are destined to be with each other but hey now Lulu is up with Shirley
  5. Nobodyman9
    2009-06-18 13:02
    Well I should certainly hope so. You should talk to Sol Falling about that. He's got this huge theory about how Shirley is the only girl in Code Geass who could have saved Lelouch from his calloused demon path and could have made him understand love. But yeah, one of the great unsolved mysteries is what role Shirley would've played if she'd survived, but I like to think she'd have a chance with Lulu.

    BTW, don't be afraid to post on the forum. I never see you on there. Don't worry, they don't bite..................usually
  6. muncheez<3
    2009-06-18 12:46
    Hmm I guess that isn't the right word to use, If Shirley didn't die, do you think she would have the chance to be with Lulu?
  7. Nobodyman9
    2009-06-18 12:39
    Yeah, I explored it a bit and there are some really sweet pics there Yeah, it's a shame there aren't as many active Shirlulu shippers, Shirlulu flamers? Are you talking about this site? Because I don't many Shirlulu flamers on this site. They may not prefer Shirlulu, but they certainly don't maliciously attack it.
  8. muncheez<3
    2009-06-18 12:36
    Yea it is but it doesn't hurt to randomly click on links til you find something interesting ^^, if only there were more shirxlulu shippers, all I hear are shirxlulu flamers :[
  9. Nobodyman9
    2009-06-18 12:17
    Yeah, I checked that out a little while ago. Awesome site, but it is kind of hard to navigate since it's all in Japanese
  10. muncheez<3
    2009-06-18 12:11
    muncheez<3 This site is where I get all the awesome ShirxLulu images and they also provide short clips and short manga, if only they were translated..... :[

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