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Conversation Between Seki_yamata and Papaya
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  1. Seki_yamata
    2008-07-13 17:49
    Its a risk. And mistakes are common in this situation. But id rather learn the hard way. Rather than say i didnt do it. Since im making a big deal over it and all, id rather it be for something than nothing. You know?
  2. Papaya
    2008-07-13 04:14
    You'd really be surprised at how the dynamics of a relationship can change once you meet someone in real life.

    My girlfriend and I met in real life, but proceeded to talk to each other largely via phone and email, since we go to different schools. That was 3 and a half years ago, and even though we still go to different universities, I drive to see her once every two weeks or so.

    Anyways, I'm sure you've heard this a million times before, but you're still young, and you've got a good bit of life ahead. We all think we know the best for ourselves at this age, but the fact is, we don't, and you'll probably never understand that until you've made all the requisite mistakes to be made.
  3. Seki_yamata
    2008-07-09 19:02
    lol. =3 your funny. and thats something i woiuld do. sadly it wont be soon. =( but im willing to wait and so is he. but i cant go without communication with im. my mom is trying to force me to get rid of him. but thats something i cant afford becase hes also my best frnd. =(

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