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Conversation Between Seki_yamata and L Lawliet 2
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  1. Seki_yamata
    2008-07-09 21:58
    I know! it does seem that way. i know who else a different popular anime. its in one of the movies tho. well im not so sure about it cuz my brothers frnd told me. but it mite be true it mite not.
  2. L Lawliet 2
    2008-07-09 21:51
    L Lawliet 2
    ^^ But doesn't it seem that all the major characters die?
  3. Seki_yamata
    2008-07-09 21:46
    lol. okie dokie then. =) if your okay with it i feel mucho better. =) heehee
  4. L Lawliet 2
    2008-07-09 21:41
    L Lawliet 2
    I missed the end of the series. And it's okay. I'll go on. I'm strong like that. ^^
  5. Seki_yamata
    2008-07-09 21:29
    aaaw! im sorry! i spoiled it for you. =( you gotta watch the very end. you know the end of the series? =( damnit! i spoiled it for uu! =(
  6. L Lawliet 2
    2008-07-09 20:57
    L Lawliet 2
    Spike died?! I didn't know that!
  7. Seki_yamata
    2008-07-09 18:54
    I know what you mean!!! omg cuz like in cowboy bebop spike died! =( and i cryed then too. gir! >=E...Oh but yeah. =) im okie now.
  8. L Lawliet 2
    2008-07-09 18:07
    L Lawliet 2
    Same here. I was like: My favorite characters keep dying!!!! This is not how it's supposed to be!
  9. Seki_yamata
    2008-07-09 17:24
    Oh hey thanks! yeah i agree. chobits is a wonderful work of art. and yes!! =D L iz awsome!!! =D i cryed when he died tho. =(
  10. L Lawliet 2
    2008-07-09 14:48
    L Lawliet 2
    Awesome Chi profile picture! ^^ Chobits is one of CLAMPs best works! ^^ So you're an L fan? Obviously I am! ^^ But welcome to the AnimeSuki!

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