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Conversation Between Hari Michiru and Langus
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  1. Hari Michiru
    2008-12-02 00:00
    Hari Michiru
    You're not the only one! I consider Bleach, Harry Potter and Vampire Knight my guilty pleasures. You know they're not great, but you keep reading them anyway...
  2. Langus
    2008-12-01 22:56
    *guilty face* It's true. I have a lot of them.
  3. Hari Michiru
    2008-12-01 21:38
    Hari Michiru
    So I assume it's a guilty pleasure? xD
  4. Langus
    2008-12-01 20:07
    Hmmm interesting perspective on the novels/Bella's character.

    Personally, I found her indecision between Edward and Jacob to be more of an annoyance than anything else (also, Edward was a bit over the top as far as the "perfect" man goes). Emo though she was, I think it's a bit of a stretch to say she was suicidal. Reckless yes, suicidal no. Though, I can assure you Bella becomes a great deal less annoying once they turn her.

    To be honest, I couldn't put the books down. I'm a big fan of vampire series in general and found that the Twilight series scratched just the right itch.
  5. Hari Michiru
    2008-12-01 19:49
    Hari Michiru
    I haven't even finished the first book (properly), to be truthful xD. But 6 chapters is enough to get the gist of the horrid writing used in Twilight. Bella's just so..ugh. She puts females in a bad light. Not all of us think that we're worth nothing, that our only goal in life is to have sex with a vampire, and try to kill ourselves if said vampire leaves us.

    I've read the summary for the rest of the books, and New Moon looks like the worst book ever written.
  6. Hari Michiru
    2008-09-22 18:36
    Hari Michiru
    I know. XD I think I can also relate more with Rukia too, since I'm the person who puts up a front and doesn't wear my emotions on my sleeve. XD
  7. Langus
    2008-09-22 01:30
    To be 100% honest I find her really boring Most of the guys in the forum just dig her because they think she's hot. I like a girl with a bit more substance. Her brain can't stop at her rack. I mean, she seems like a nice girl and all but that's pretty much it...*yawn*
  8. Hari Michiru
    2008-09-22 00:46
    Hari Michiru
    Ohhhh, thank god. That other person needs to take a pill, hahaha. Someone's gotta point it out to him that Orihime isn't the most awesomest character (aka a saint) around in Bleach.
  9. Langus
    2008-09-22 00:41
    Nonono! Don't worry about it. You didn't hahaha Sorry I didn't mean to confuse you. The other guy neg repped me for disagreeing with his statement. What a tool :P
  10. Hari Michiru
    2008-09-22 00:06
    Hari Michiru
    OMGWTF. Did I neg rep you? *blames slow internet because I'm dling with BT right now* I PROMISE, I'LL MAKE IT UP TO YOU T_T.

    Yeah, the crazy shippers need to learn what it means to accept other people's views, and see that there are solid evidence against their ships sometimes. xD

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