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Conversation Between Hari Michiru and Utsukushii Hono'o
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  1. Utsukushii Hono'o
    2008-11-11 17:21
    Utsukushii Hono'o
    You are just a hater...

    He's a great character. He doesn't seem to have that much Plot Kai to me. He's only got one move... *Kicks Kubo*
  2. Hari Michiru
    2008-11-11 17:20
    Hari Michiru
    Ichigo has plotkai, that's why...
  3. Utsukushii Hono'o
    2008-11-11 03:38
    Utsukushii Hono'o
    Ichigo is way hotter than Kaien. (Pale imitation of Ichigo) He does use his brains. Kaien got eaten by Hollow. How dumb was that Shame on you!
  4. Hari Michiru
    2008-11-08 00:28
    Hari Michiru
    Hmmm...maybe I will.

    You don't get it: I hate typical shounen characters . And Ichigo is stupid; he doesn't know how to use his brains in a fight.

    I like Kaien's 'cause he's hotter xD.
  5. Utsukushii Hono'o
    2008-11-07 21:54
    Utsukushii Hono'o
    Read it it's good! Yuki is so cute!

    Ichigo is not stupid! He's stubborn yes but he's not stupid! His hero qualities are what make him the shit!

    So why do you like Kaien?
  6. Hari Michiru
    2008-11-07 20:27
    Hari Michiru
    Nope, not yet.

    I hate Ichigo because of his stubborness, stupidity, shounen-hero-like personality, ignorance, not-using-his-brain-ness etc. etc. XD
  7. Utsukushii Hono'o
    2008-10-29 22:45
    Utsukushii Hono'o
    I love Gender bender! Have you read "No Bra?" I love Yuki!

    Um I am just curious. Can I ask why you hate him? Seriously...
  8. Hari Michiru
    2008-10-29 22:04
    Hari Michiru
    *uses innocent voice* Because I hate him~ *puts on innocent face*

  9. Utsukushii Hono'o
    2008-10-29 00:46
    Utsukushii Hono'o
    Why do you want to bash Ichigo! NOOOOOOOOOOO

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