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Conversation Between RenaFuura and Leon4889
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  1. Leon4889
    2009-01-17 12:37
    hi how are you
  2. Leon4889
    2009-01-14 22:20
    i dunno The Nightmare i guess XD
  3. RenaFuura
    2009-01-14 22:15
    lol, I was playing that 2 on new years day wih my family. I love playing The Kill and Freak on a Leash. I suck at the drums though, lol. What's your fav songs u like 2 play?
  4. Leon4889
    2009-01-14 22:07
    well my mom was sick so I didnt go to the party but I played Rock Band XD while taking care of her
  5. RenaFuura
    2009-01-14 22:04
    What else did u guys do in NY besides celebrating new years?
  6. Leon4889
    2009-01-14 21:56
    Yes it was with family thats why we went there
  7. RenaFuura
    2009-01-14 21:55
    lol,what an ass. But that's cool how u were able to celebrate new years in NY. I want 2 go there so badly. On new years all I did was invite some of friends over 2 my house. Did u celebrate christmas in NY 2?
  8. Leon4889
    2009-01-14 21:49
    I was screaming Happy New Years, was in New York at the time, And someone Yelled SHUT UP
  9. RenaFuura
    2009-01-14 21:47
    I'm doing fine. How was your New Years?
  10. Leon4889
    2009-01-14 20:49
    Um yea thanks how are u im fine

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