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Conversation Between youngde and incorrupts
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  1. youngde
    2008-10-07 14:31
    Yeah, I figured it out eventually.
  2. incorrupts
    2008-10-07 14:29
    Seems like you made it then? ^^
  3. incorrupts
    2008-10-07 14:28
    Alright, give me a second to give you the exact link alright? {i have to go and check your sig}
  4. youngde
    2008-10-07 14:16
    I just want my signature pic to act as a link, but the text for the web address is written right next to it whatever I try to do. I was just wondering if there's a way to get rid of that. (I know Kang's sig acts as a link and doesn't have any text.)
  5. incorrupts
    2008-10-07 14:10
    "how do you keep the web address from showing up, too?"

    What do you mean with this? Don't you want your sig pic to stay like this and when someone hovers onto your pic to link somewhere? I thought that is what you wanted.

    And no prob, feel free to ask. ^^
  6. youngde
    2008-10-07 14:07
    When making your sig pic into a link, how do you keep the web address from showing up, too?

    Sorry to ask, but you seem to know and roon is offline.
  7. incorrupts
    2008-10-07 13:57
    roon beat me for a min. lawl
    Whatever he said. ^^
  8. incorrupts
    2008-09-24 13:04
    No don't worry. "^^
    Well Kallen is surely hurt by the rejection, that is obvious, but damn, that is not the reason she would kill Lulu. rofl
  9. youngde
    2008-09-24 13:02
    I know you weren't bashing, Kallen. My comment about 'rejected feelings' was more at the person you were quoting, which I forgot wouldn't show up in my post.

    Sorry, my bad. XD

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